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Kanye West's Latest Yeezy Shoes Sell Out In Under One Minute

Kanye West's Latest Yeezy Shoes Sell Out In Under One Minute

The latest addition to the collection was released on Saturday morning

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Kanye West's latest addition to his Adidas footwear collection sold out in less than a minute after being released on Saturday morning (6 March).

The Yeezy 450s, which boast an alien-like silhouette, went on sale in Cloud White - some months after they garnered attention from trainer lovers far and wide when the rapper wore them in Paris last year.

The trainers disappeared before many people could even log into the Adidas app or find them on the site.

The shoes retailed for around $200 (£145) a pair and were spotted thanks to their ribcage-esque shape on the bottom and outside of them.

Fans were left pretty miffed when they didn't manage to get their hands on a pair but not to worry - they're already being resold... for four times the price.

The shows went live online (because, we can't visit shops) at 7am on Saturday morning (6 March) and by 7:01 they were gone.

People who didn't get a pair have now taken to social media to vent their frustration. One wrote: "What a disgraceful drop of the Yeezy 450 - you've got people up at 7am on a Saturday for not even a fair chance! Nothing but errors & bs on the confirmed app."

Another wrote: "I woke up at 7AM, yes 7 am, to see "hmm it seems we've ran into a problem loading this section" This is not fair, nor right!"

A third called it when they commented prior to the drop saying: "This Yeezy 450 release is going be hell! Tried to grab them from a boutique in Dubai.... sold out in 2 seconds."

Other people have decided to take the opportunity to slam the shoes. One wrote: "My friend said the yeezy 450's look like dumplings and now I can't unsee it."

Another commented: "I'm convinced the hype around yeezys is more about love for kanye cause hmm."

Someone else said: "Lets be honest these Yeezy 450 looks like some shoes you wear when it snow on the ground on a sunny day."

Hates gonna hate. Bet Kanye ain't complaining.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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