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Sarah Paulson Posts Series Of Tributes For Girlfriend Holland Taylor's 78th Birthday

Sarah Paulson Posts Series Of Tributes For Girlfriend Holland Taylor's 78th Birthday

Sarah Paulson has paid tribute to her girlfriend who she says it 'everything'

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Sarah Paulson has posted a series of pictures on social media to pay tribute to her girlfriend Holland Taylor on her 78th birthday.

In a grid post, the 46-year-old actor - who has been in a relationship with fellow actor Taylor since 2015 - wrote: "All roads lead me to this face, those eyes, that soul. You are, quite simply - everything to me."

She continued: "Here's looking at you, kid. Today. Tomorrow. Always. (If you don't like this picture, you are an idiot, so don't get mad when you see it. I even made it black and white since you prefer it. So shhhhhh. It's a perfect picture of a perfect person).


Then the Ratched star took to her Instagram stories to post more pictures of the pair together. One read: "I love you," while another added: "Can't stop. Won't stop."


One of the other pictures showed the couple on the set of Paulson's Netflix series Ratched. While a fourth read: "Tell me who is more beautiful than this person. Fight me."

Replying to the picture that was posted, Cara Delevingne wrote: "I am balling! You guys are the cutest!"

Leslie Jordan, from American Horror Story, added: "You two. You two. You give me hope. Happy Birthday, Holland."


Another fan wrote: "The way you talk about her makes me feel so extremely single."

Another added: "Honey it's all so perfect I don't know where to start! Love love love to you both."

But despite the well wishes, unfortunately some people didn't have anything nice to say about the pair.

This is something Sarah Paulson has addressed in the past.

Back in September 2020, she told the Guardian: "I don't remember people going nuts about Michael Douglas and Catherine-Zeta Jones, in terms of their age difference.

"For me, that seems to be the predominant interest in my relationship with Holland, what would be perceived by some as the strangeness of it, or the unlikelihood of it. I think people are fascinated by it, because it's so not typical.

"Except for if you look around at plenty of well-known or recognisable couples, when they're heterosexual couples, it just runs rampant, and I don't see anybody becoming obsessed by those relationships."

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