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Steve-O Pours Hot Sauce Into His Eye In Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen

Steve-O Pours Hot Sauce Into His Eye In Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen

The clip, which was filmed a month ago, shows the pair as they attempt to make a Southwestern omelette together

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Whenever Steve-O's around you knew trouble is brewing and Gordon Ramsay is the latest victim to witness one of his escapades - pouring (yes, pouring) hot sauce into his eye ball:

The Jackass lunatic appeared on the TV chef's YouTube channel in a video - that was filmed a month ago before anyone panics - where the pair attempted to make omelettes.

As you can imagine, the 53-year-old cook took the reigns while Steve-O, 45, opted for a more laid back approach which resulted in his omelette looking more like scrambled egg.

The real surprise came just before the duo were about to try their creations and Steve-O explained that the hot sauce (which is his own brand) hasn't been tasted by his eye balls. Yep. He's lost it.

Removing his glasses, to Gordon's utter disbelief, Steve-O goes on to say: "I'm gonna give a little bit of a... of an eye drop here, get our meal started properly."

Gordon says the hot sauce is... well hot.
YouTube/Gordon Ramsay

Gordon takes the opportunity to have a taster of what Steve-O is about to put directly into his eye and amid a little cough, he says: "It's hot... it is good."

What comes next is a clusterf*** of swearing, screaming, grunting and some strange form of karate. Ever the promoter, Steve-O goes on: "You can get that stuff at and also available, oooooowah, at"

The sauce is indeed available on those websites for $7.99 (£6.44).

Gordon can't believe what Steve-O is about to do.
YouTube/Gordon Ramsay

Gordon, a father-of-five, quickly snaps into dad-mode and grabs Steve-O a cold towel as he adds: "Jesus Christ almighty," then, as a member of the production team drops a liquid into his eye, Gordon addressed the camera, saying: "I thought you were joking until I saw the whole f***ing bottle go in your eye lid."

In response, Steve-O said: "One rule in life man... don't half-ass s***," before calmly adding: "Ok, let's eat."

Steve-O said he's dumber now than he ever was, as he balanced a 'razor sharp' knife on his nose.
YouTube/Gordon Ramsay

Speaking of the 'craziest stunt' he ever did, Steve-O went on: "I secretly enjoy everything once it's on camera. The worse the experience is in life, the better it translates to film.

"I do enjoy the most awful things, once they've been captured. I injected five ounces of vodka into my veins through an IV. It started off with just like one, it went in and I didn't feel anything so I said 'you know what, throw in f***ing two'.

"Then I was till going and I said 'you know what, make it five' so I did five and even then I wheeled my IV stand straight to the bar and did shots and stuff. I was a maniac."

Sounds like our sort of drinking buddy right there.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Gordon Ramsay

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