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Barry Keoghan fans hit out at Critics' Choice host after penis joke ‘takes it too far’

Barry Keoghan fans hit out at Critics' Choice host after penis joke ‘takes it too far’

Keoghan is one of the big names this award season - and it seems so is his d*ck

Barry Keoghan fans have hit out at the Critics' Choice Awards host after a penis joke ‘took it too far’.

The Irishman is very much one of the big names of the movie world at the moment, thanks to the release of Saltburn.

Keoghan stars as Oliver Quick in the film and is tipped to be an Oscar nominee for the performance, having already been nominated for Best Actor at the Golden Globes.

And it’s not just his name we’re hearing everywhere or his face we're seeing all over our screens but, well, other parts of him too.

I mean, by this point, it’s hardly a spoiler but in case you’ve somehow avoided them up to now, there’s about to be Saltburn spoilers.

The Emerald Fennell-directed film contains a whole load of explicit scenes, with Keoghan fully nude humping the ground of a graveyard.

And, of course, there’s that scene where he ‘drinks’ Jacob Elordi’s ‘c*m’ from a bathtub.

So, with plenty of people having now seen Keoghan’s d*ck, the Critics' Choice host couldn’t go without mentioning it at the awards last night (14 January).

The camera panned to Keoghan during the joke.

Comedian Chelsea Handler referenced it in her opening monologue as she said: “And now, it's time to talk about the horniest movie of the year Saltburn.

“There he is. Barry Keoghan was horny for men, women, bath water, and cemeteries.

“Featuring men in various states of undress. Most male actors use prosthetics, so thank you, Barry, for keeping it real, and please thank your penis for its service.”

However, while Handler got laughs for her bit about the star’s d*ck in her monologue (known for being the hosts’ opportunity to playfully roast the room of celebrities), not all fans were pleased by it.

Keoghan in that scene.
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Amazon MGM Studios/Warner Bros. Pictures

One wrote on X: “I’m over the Saltburn d!ck jokes at these award shows. Barry Keoghan tries to smile his way through it but it is obvious it’s getting to the point where it is uncomfortable. plus the jokes are cringe…”

Another put: “Now that the critics' choice awards are over, I have to say this, but that Barry Keoghan/Saltburn joke was way too much. Imagine a man saying that of a vagina's actress? Well, I felt sorry for Barry because you could tell he was not liking/was uncomfortable.”

Others also wrote: “These Saltburn jokes are becoming so overused and unfunny.”

However, many also wrote: “I knew Chelsea would have hilarious jokes about Saltburn,” and shared laughing memes.

Keoghan took Handler’s joke on the chin and laughed it off – it is a roast monologue after all, made for poking a bit of fun at the glammed-up stars in the room.

Featured Image Credit: CW

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