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Expert says being ‘monogamish’ is the secret to healthy relationship

Expert says being ‘monogamish’ is the secret to healthy relationship

Sex expert Dr Tara Suwinyattichaiporn has revealed that being 'mongamish' can help to contribute to a healthy relationship.

A sex and relationship expert has shared her top tip for a healthy relationship, and it involves being sexually active with people other than your partner.

Doctor Tara Suwinyattichaiporn, who is part of the Celebs Go Dating team alongside Paul Brunson and Anna Williamson, has revealed why the 'monogamish' movement has seen a surge in popularity over recent years, although I'm guessing some of you could have a good guess.

The movement encourages people to explore and have sexual experiences with people other than their partner, but to not form emotional connections outside of their couple.

Good luck with that!

Couples will stay romantically and emotionally committed to one another, but explore sexually with others after coming to a pre-agreed arrangement.

It's thought that being 'monogamish' can help some couples to put the spark back into their relationship and sex life.

Tara, a US sex and relationship expert, revealed: “This can be the answer to the divorce epidemic. People think monogamy is sacred. But is it really, when so many people break that promise?"

A sex expert has revealed why being 'monogamish' can contribute to a healthy relationship.

She continued to The Sun: "Instead of making it a morally superior thing, why don’t we become more logical and talk about what is missing after people have been married for ten years?

“Asking your partner how their day was is boring. Showing them a photo of someone else and asking, ‘Would you f*** them?’ is a lot more exciting.”

The Celebs Go Dating star, who practises being mongamish with her husband, also predicted that there will be a surge in couples trying the new trend and in 10 years it could become the norm for many in relationships.

“There has been a surge in couples doing this," she said. "During a meeting in London, I got to know a lot of high-profile people who are involved in the scene there."

Couples may look to explore sexually outside of their relationship.

Dr Tara went on to add: “You never know, you could meet celebrities, politicians, your doctor. It’s all like-minded, sex-positive people. In ten years, I guarantee those who aren’t into this now will be.”

She advised couples contemplating whether to try out being monogamish to do some thorough research first and take it "slowly" to ensure they are "less scared".

Dr Tara, who said she gets an equal amount of both men and women wanting to try out the new trend, said the topic should be talked about "sensitively" and when both parties are ready, they should proceed "with caution" and only if their relationship is already healthy, trustworthy and respectful.

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