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Steve-O leaves fans concerned after giving health update but is labelled 'inspiration'

Steve-O leaves fans concerned after giving health update but is labelled 'inspiration'

Steve issued the update after his 50th birthday

Steve-O has shocked fans after giving a health update on YouTube, with many urging the star to 'be careful'.

The Jackass alum recently turned 50 and explained in a video that he was 'terrified' of getting old.

For that reason decided to go on a huge health kick, which saw him 'get in the best shape of [his] life' ahead of his 50th.

It involved hikes, saunas, ice cold baths and of course, a serious healthy eating regime.

To celebrate, Steve - whose real name is Stephen Gilchrist Glover - even rubbed olive oil all over his body and posed for a special birthday photoshoot.

Steve-O opened up on his health (YouTube/steveo)
Steve-O opened up on his health (YouTube/steveo)

However, fans have been left slightly concerned after Steve explained that just 24 hours after the photoshoot, he 'started shooting up peptides'.

Admitting he didn't even know what they were, Steve explained that under the guidance of a doctor, he had a series of blood tests before being prescribed the peptides to optimise his health.

According to Web MD, peptides are strings of molecules called amino acids, which are essentially the 'building blocks' of proteins.

It's not clear what kind of peptides Steve used, but Web MD explains: "Peptide therapy is the use of peptides to change or improve how certain parts of your body work.

"For instance, some athletes use growth hormone-releasing peptides to help their body produce more growth hormone. This can help their bones and muscles recover after hard training and competing."

After the video was shared, some were concerned. One person commented: "Ya don't need peptides."

While another said: "Steve, be careful."

Others were quick to call the entertainer an 'inspiration' over his dramatic transformation.

One person said: "Love you steve-o. you are honestly an inspiration. Seeing you go from old you to the man you are now gives me hope for my future self."

And another added: "Thank you for getting your sh*t together and therefore not only be an inspiration to countless people, but also still rock so hard in your freaking 50s.

"You seem like a great guy, and I wish you all the best for your birthday."

Meanwhile a third credited Steve with helping them get sober.

"You're a great inspiration and a hero to me," they wrote.

"I got sober when I learned of your journey. And ever since then, I have always looked up to you. I have now been sober for over a decade."

Steve recently celebrated 16 years sober (Taylor Hill/Getty Images)
Steve recently celebrated 16 years sober (Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

This year, Steve marked 16 years sober. On social media, he wrote: "It’s truly nuts that I’m celebrating a full sixteen years of sobriety today. It all began when @johnnyknoxville organized an intervention which saved my life on March 9, 2008.

"I cannot even put into words how grateful I am for my recovery… Thank you, Captain!!!"

LADbible has reached out to Steve-O's rep for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Steve-O/Youtube

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