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Tommy Fury addresses whether Molly-Mae will ever return ringside after she 'let herself down'

Tommy Fury addresses whether Molly-Mae will ever return ringside after she 'let herself down'

Tommy Fury's fiancée Molly-Mae Hague struggled to watch his fight

Tommy Fury has addressed his wife-to-be Molly-Mae Hague's behaviour at his highly anticipated boxing match.

Former Love Island star and budding boxer Fury took to the ring on 14 October and went head-to-head (or fist-to-fist, should we say) with YouTuber KSI.

Fury proved victorious against his opponent, who later hailed his win as 'robbery'.

Later doubling down on Fury's win, the judge's scorecards were reviewed and Fury won by an unanimous decision, rather than a judges’ majority.

Speaking to LADbible about his win, Fury said: "I'm very happy the judges corrected the scorecards because, at end of the day, doing all these star jumps and whatever - that doesn't win you fights.

"So I'm happy that the judges saw that and they changed it."

As well as the judges, Fury's fiancée and fellow Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague was ringside at his fight - but the 24-year-old could barely watch.

She's since made a video for her YouTube channel and said that she 'embarrassed' herself at the match.

"I more than anything slightly embarrassed myself as Tommy's support system at the fight because honestly my head was on the ground the whole entire fight," Hague shared.

Tommy Fury's fiancee Molly-Mae Hague struggles to watch his fights.

"I physically could not lift up my chin to look at the ring and watch the fight. I don't know what happens to me in those situations."

But, even though she struggles to watch Fury fight, the Manchester-born boxer said it's still 'amazing' having her there.

"At the end of the day, having her there is amazing," he told LADbible.

"But I also understand that there are some fights that she doesn't want to come to because who wants to see their partner have a fight? It's very nerve-wracking."

Fury continued: "I'm in that zone and I don't see anyone else outside of the ring when I'm fighting so, it is what it is.

"She knows how happy it makes me and that's the reason why she tolerates it.

"We'll see if she's got the nerve to come again; I don't know."

Fury also addressed if his nine-month-old daughter Bambi, whom he shares with Hague, will ever come to his fights when she's older.

The dad-of-one addressed if his daughter will ever watch his boxing matches.

"I don't think Bambi will ever come to one of my fights," the dad-of-one shared.

"I don't really think it's a place for a boxer's own kids.

"Maybe when she's a lot older and if I'm still boxing she can come and see what her dad does, but it's not something I'm really concerned about at the minute."

Fury was sponsored by flavoured water bottle brand air up for his big fight against KSI, and he thinks it's just the beginning of a 'long lasting relationship' with the brand.

"It's one of the best hydration partners you can get," Fury said.

Tommy was sponsored by air up for his big fight.
Matt McNulty/Getty Images

"Everyone's going crazy for [the bottles] at the minute, so I'm just happy to be on board and part of the team."

Gushing about Fury in return, air up co-founder, Lena Jüngst, labelled the 24-year-old as an 'inspiration'.

Jüngst, said: "He works hard to achieve his goals and prioritises a healthy lifestyle in the process.

"Tommy is a devoted family man and dedicated athlete, on the path to forging his legacy - all attributes we stand for at air up."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/mollymae

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