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Conspiracy theorists accuse Ice Spice of being a ‘satanist’ after spotting ‘secret’ signals during Super Bowl

Conspiracy theorists accuse Ice Spice of being a ‘satanist’ after spotting ‘secret’ signals during Super Bowl

A bizarre conspiracy theory has been doing the rounds on social media

Conspiracy theorists think Ice Spice was showing off ‘Satanic’ hand gestures at last night’s Super Bowl.

The American rapper - whose real name is Isis Naija Gaston - joined her pals Taylor Swift and Blake Lively at Las Vegas' Allegiant Stadium where the Kansas City Chiefs were taking on the San Francisco 49ers.

As you may be aware, Swift is currently dating Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, whose family were sat alongside the trio of stars last night to watch the game.

Understandably, cameras were trained on the famous faces throughout the event, with shots of Swift and Lively soon doing the rounds on social media, as fans couldn't help but be amused by several expressions being pulled throughout the game.

Meanwhile, some eagle-eyed viewers spotting the moment Lively shouted out a swear word on live TV.

Naughty naughty.

However, that pales in comparison to what some other viewers took to X to complain about, with conspiracy theorists claiming Ice Spice was displaying ‘Satanic’ signals with her hands.

Ice Spice was seen gesturing with her hands during the Super Bowl.

And they didn't stop there, as others suggested she was wearing an inverted cross around her neck - which they claimed was further proof of her allegiance with the Devil.

In a post, one person wrote: “Ice Spice shows off her upside down necklace and SATANIC hand signals.”

Another commented: “Ice Spice using hand signals for SPELLS upside down cross shooting devil horns throughout the game.”

Someone else said: “Taylor Swift gets drunk and Ice Spice gives a Satanic shoutout while wearing an upside down cross!”

And a fourth, seemingly overdramatic, social media user added: “Did anyone see that Ice Spice video of her at the Super Bowl with the upside down cross, and the weird a** hand signals?

Taylor Swift could be seen chugging a beer alongside her pals.

"Holy s**t that is creepy and weird as f**k I am so freaked out about it right now…”

While a fifth sports fan commented: "What in Heaven's name is going here? It looks like Taylor Swift's guest, Ice Spice, throwing up demonic signs while wearing an upside down cross, making sure the world sees it on the big screen with Balenciaga on her sleeve.”

Regardless, the women appeared to have a good time as Usher put on a show-stopper of a performance during halftime.

LADbible has contacted Ice Spice's reps for comment.

And the night went from strength to strength for Swift, who eventually got to watch her fella’s team beat the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 after two overtime periods.

Featured Image Credit: X/Cxpium

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