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People in stitches after Blake Lively is 'caught swearing' by Super Bowl cameras

People in stitches after Blake Lively is 'caught swearing' by Super Bowl cameras

The Gossip Girl star's animated reactions have proved a hit with social media users

Can you blame Blake Lively for supposedly uttering profanities after checking the score board?

Christian McCaffrey put the San Francisco 49ers up by 10 late into the second quarter, so it's no wonder the Gossip Girl star is getting high rate while she's stood next to Taylor Swift.

Her best pal's other half, Travis Kelce, is down on the football field for the Kansas City Chiefs and hoping to get a Super Bowl hat trick by securing his team's third win at the NFL's annual league championship.

Lively wasn't shy about showing her support for him and turned up sporting the Chiefs' colours as she wore a red Adidas tracksuit with a white tank top.

She has also been in the crowd at several other games throughout the season alongside Swift and has occasionally brought her husband Ryan Reynolds along too.

What a double date team that is, eh?

Blake Lively and Taylor Swift were seen intently watching the game unfold.

Lively and Swift have regularly showed up on the big screen throughout the game - which is probably giving Kelce a nice confidence boost while the Chiefs try to rally.

The famous friends have have already been caught having a good old chin wag shortly before kick off and right through Post Malone's performance of 'America the Beautiful', but they still didn't seem ready to zip it just yet.

A short time after they fell into fits of giggles when they realised their quiet conversation was being projected across the stadium, Lively appeared to let a swear word slip out of her mouth while engrossed in the game.

The actor then let a swear word slip as she reacted excitedly.

She and Taylor were seen intently watching the action with open mouths, while Blake could be seen mentally willing the Chiefs to triumph as she uttered the words: "Come on, come on!"

The actor then jumped up and down excitedly while clinging onto her close pal... before she seemed to shout out: "Shut the f**k up!"

People were left in stitches by Lively's animated reaction to the game and took to social media to share their thoughts.

One said: "'Shut the f**k up' - you and me both Blake Lively. You. And. Me. Both."

Another added: "Blake said SHUT THE F**K UP lol."

A third wrote: "Forget Usher, just put Taylor and Blake out on the field at half-time with hot mics and let us listen to them gossip."

And a fourth chimed in: "Forget Taylor Swift, Blake Lively the real star of the Super Bowl."

Featured Image Credit: CBS

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