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Gordon Ramsay gives answer typical of him after being asked if he's worried about his own death

Gordon Ramsay gives answer typical of him after being asked if he's worried about his own death

Ever wondered how often Gordon Ramsay sits and thinks about death?

Gordon Ramsay gave the most typically him answer after he was asked if he’s worried about his own death.

The famed chef appeared on Mythical Kitchen to sit down for his ‘last meal’ which included a full English breakfast, his own recipe beef wellington and a deep fried Mars bar. Nice.

And among the lighter topics of his preferred takeaway, Ramsay talked about dying.

You know, the regular convo to have over a mega meal of your favourite things.

When the Hell’s Kitchen star does die though, he wants everyone to get absolutely ‘paralytic’ at his funeral and be so drunk they’ll be ‘carried out’ with SUVs waiting to take them home.

But while he seems to have put some thought into that, Ramsay admitted: “I don’t think of dying.”

Gordon simply doesn't have the time.
YouTube/Mythical Kitchen

He added: “I’m 57, I’ve just turned 57. I feel better, stronger than I did at 37.”

While the interviewer reminded him that death will come for him at some point, Ramsay doesn’t reckon that’s going to be anytime ‘in the near distant future’.

And as a lot of us might just try and distract ourselves from the idea and worrying about drying, Ramsay instead says he ‘finds the balance’.

“My escape is either doing triathlons and half marathons, marathons. Ironman,” he says.

Gordon Ramsay isn't worrying about death.
John Lamparski/Getty Images for Empire State Realty Trust

The chef went on to explain his favourite activity – and it’s very different from cooking: “And then the guilty pleasure is diving, because then you are 30, 40 metres under, you’ve got great visibility and you’re answering to nobody.

“And it’s the best feeling in the world, you’re just hearing your breath, nice and slow, looking at the depth, checking the gauge and just looking for the next big shark.”

Ramsay was asked if he ever ‘meditates on the idea of death’ and ‘what the feeling of nothingness is’. And it was a very simple answer: “No.”

The ‘idiot sandwich’ star then gave the most typical Gordon Ramsay answer as he said: “Do you have any idea how busy I am?

“We find the balance. You have way too much time on your hands – you need to work harder and get some more wrinkles on your face.

“Listen, we’re all gonna die, somewhere down the line. I’d like it to be a quick, painless death. But we’ve just extended the family so I think just finding that balance - and eating properly.”

Well, there you have it, make yourself as busy as Ramsay is and you simply just won’t have time to even think about death.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Mythical Kitchen

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