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KSI pays a fan's £18,000 university loans after losing a bet

KSI pays a fan's £18,000 university loans after losing a bet

KSI might be making mega bucks but he also gives plenty away

KSI isn’t exactly struggling for money. And that’s a fact.

While he might be letting a £400,000 solid gold bottle be melted away, he also gives out a fair bit - sometimes for the most simplest of reasons.

Logan Paul and KSI recently celebrated selling their billionth bottle of Prime (their energy drink brand) by hosting a mega giveaway both in the UK and US.

Fans had the chance to win a weighty gold version of the product by guessing a six-digit code.

A little lad in London ended up getting it right in the end, freeing the prize from its bullet proof glass case.

But this did mean the golden bottle over in New York City was ‘destroyed’.

KSI - who was over moon for the kid who won - is often pretty generous with his mega wealth, having previously paid off a fan’s university loans.

Jordan Macmillan met the YouTuber at an event last year and took the opportunity to challenge him to a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Jordan beat KSI in a game of rock, paper, scissors.

But it wasn't just any old game, the at-the-time 22-year-old decided to raise the stakes and made KSI - real name 'JJ' Olatunji - a not-so-little wager.

While Jordan put up just £5 of his own money, the rapper promised to pay out £9,000 if he lost.

After agreeing to a game of best of three, Jordan blitzed him, winning the two games consecutively, leaving KSI in a slight state of shock.

But good to his word, he agreed to pay Jordan the money he'd promised, and immediately asked him for his details.

Speaking to the The Sun about the encounter, Jordan said: "It started out as a joke between me and my friends.

"I just said, 'I'm gonna ask him to pay for my tuition if I beat him in rock, paper, scissors as it'll be funny'.

"I thought the worst that could happen is that he say no and we'd have a laugh about it. I never imagined he would actually agree.

KSI ended up sending the fan £18,000.

"I'm someone who takes everything seriously, except myself, so that helps me stay calm in those situations.

"He is such a nice guy and was really cool about it as well, which eased the nerves too."

However, what happened next stunned Jordan.

Rather than stick with the initial bet of £9,000, KSI doubled his money, paying out for two years of tuition.

Jordan said: "I later got a message from him saying, 'Enjoy it brother', so I checked my account and he send me £18,000 for both years.

The lad was blown away by KSI’s generosity, with his family left in tears by the kind act.

Jordan even added he’ll probably invite the YouTuber when he graduates.

Featured Image Credit: X/@MacmillanJc

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