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Fans Think Jordan Peele's Nope Is An Acronym That Reveals Plot Details

Fans Think Jordan Peele's Nope Is An Acronym That Reveals Plot Details

Jordan Peele's NOPE is out this year, and fans reckon the name has a hidden meaning

Eagle-eyed movie buffs reckon that they’ve worked out something about Jordan Peele’s forthcoming film NOPE that hints quite significantly to the plot of the movie. You can see the recently released trailer below.

As a trailer for the film aired during Super Bowl LVI, fans started to figure out that the UFO themes we already know run through the film could actually mean that NOPE is an acronym for ‘not of planet earth’.

OK, that doesn’t actually tell you that much about the film itself, but it’s certainly an interesting theory, and it might just be right.

One fan commented: “Okay what if “NOPE” is an acronym for (Not Of Planet Earth) hence the aliens or extraterrestrial beings in the movie… been thinking about this all day:

Someone else wrote: “Exactly my thoughts,

“I did see someone guess that the title meant "Not Of Planet Earth" though. Seems to fit. Maybe."

Here's the poster.
Universal Pictures

A third said: “In case you didn’t get it…

“Nope = Not Of Planet Earth.”

Well, we can’t be certain that is the case yet, but it’a good idea.

As for the film itself, we do definitely know that it is directed by Us and Get Out director Jordan Peele, and stars Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer as a pair of ranchers who look set to have their lives flipped around by the arrival of what looks like a massive UFO.

That would be where the ‘not of planet earth’ comes from, then.

We can’t exactly learn a lot from the official synopsis of the film, because it simply reads: “A new terror from the mind of Academy Award winner Jordan Peele.”

Great, well at least there’ll be suspense.

As well as Kaluuya and Palmer, the film will also star Barbie Ferriera, who is currently in Euphoria, and Brandon Perea of The OA.

Ferriera seems particularly made up to have been included in the project, and spoke about how much she loves Peele’s other work in a recent interview.

Peele won an Oscar for his script for Get Out.

She said: “I am a huge Jordan Peele fan,

 “He is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of artist and genius. And he’s so nice, too. He’s just so sweet and so good at what he does. It’s so exciting.”

Of the project itself, she said: “I’m so excited for it to come out. I think people are going to love it. As he always does, Jordan Peele makes the most amazing pieces of art.

“They’re not even movies.

“They’re incredibly cerebral and fun and scary, gorgeous masterpieces. That’s like the highlight of my life, working with him.

“I’m so lucky to be a part of that cast in my own little way.”


Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures

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