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Footage Of 'Glass', The Sequel To 'Split', Is Revealed At CinemaCon

Footage Of 'Glass', The Sequel To 'Split', Is Revealed At CinemaCon

Director M. Night Shyamalan unveiled the first footage of 'Glass' at CinemaCon in Las Vegas and revealed a few details about its plot.

Mischa Pearlmen

Mischa Pearlmen

CinemaCon is always bound to have some treats on offer for its attendees, and this year was no exception. Attendees of the annual movie industry gathering, which took place over three days at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and finishes today, were given the first glimpse at footage of Glass, M. Night Shyamalan's newest installment of the Eastrail 177 Trilogy.

The film stars Samuel L. Jackson in the lead role of Mr Glass, who will be joined by James McAvoy as the Beast from Split and Bruce Willis as David Dunn from Unbreakable, and will continue (and finish) the stories of both those movies.

It also stars Sarah Paulson - known recently for her roles in the American Horror Story TV franchise - and Anya Taylor-Joy, the sole survivor of those held captive by The Beast.

While the trailer has yet to make its way online, it seems like it's going to be an exciting one - this is the movie in which Dunn and the Beast actually meet for the first time.

Shyamalan also gave the audience a sneak peak at the movie's first official banner image, which looks a little something like this. Actually, it looks exactly like this:

The director - who made his name with The Sixth Sense and has also directed, among others, Signs, The Village and The Visit ­- also leaked a few plot details to the crowd, namely that Elijah Price - aka Mr Glass - holds secrets that are critical to Dunn and the Beast as the former pursues the latter.

According to a report by Variety, Shyamalan told audiences: "In Spilt, I created the origin story for an anarchist that could be good or could be bad. The worlds of Unbreakable and Split finally collide in Glass.

Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures

"What if these real life superheroes and super-villains are somehow locked up together? What could go wrong?

"It is the first truly grounded comic book movie."

While those, like us, who weren't there, will have to wait a little longer to see the trailer (let alone the film itself), some conference attendees dropped a few hints about what to expect:

That's good enough for us.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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