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Cillian Murphy Smoked 1,000 Cigarettes In Just One Series Of Peaky Blinders

Cillian Murphy Smoked 1,000 Cigarettes In Just One Series Of Peaky Blinders

... We'll all be chain smoking if we don't get a release date for season five soon

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

If you're a fan of Peaky Blinders, then you'll know that a scene seldom goes by without the main man, Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy), puffing on a cigarette or necking a whisky.

Given the amount of hours the crew have to spend on set doing endless takes, then it should come as no surprise that Murphy managed to polish off a thousand cigs in just one season.

His co-star, Helen McCrory (who plays Aunt Polly) dropped the smoky bombshell during a Q&A with the British Film Institute.

According to Birmingham Live, she said: "Let me show you my lungs.

"Cillian apparently, and I can't remember which season, the props guys reckoned about a thousand.

"No actors were killed in the making of Peaky Blinders. We don't inhale."

Yeah sorry to disappoint guys, but the crew aren't allowed to smoke on set and the cigs are actually herbal. Also, the whisky isn't actually whisky, it's coloured water... Basically the whole thing is pretend; though you could be forgiven for forgetting, as Cillian and co are all very convincing.

Cillian Murphy smoked around 1,000 (pretend) cigarettes in the making of one season of Peaky Blinders.

But the burning question on the lips of all Peaky Blinders fans is when the flip are we gonna be able to watch season five?!

The BBC has been teasing us for quite a while now, yet we still don't know anything more than the fact it is 'coming soon'.

Just yesterday, a trailer was dropped to get us all worked up further. In it, we get a good few glimpses of Tommy Shelby under his new political guise, having become an MP for South Birmingham. It doesn't look like the political game is going all that smoothly though, especially when what appears to be some sort of explosion hits while he's working at his desk.

"There is God, and there are the Peaky Blinders," he says mysteriously in the trailer.

"We own the ropes, who's gonna hang us now, eh?"

Tommy Shelby enters the world of politics in season five.

It's all certainly very intriguing and creator Steven Knight has assured us it is all going to be worth the wait.

Speaking to TalkSport back in February, he said: "I can honestly say that it [season five] is the best yet. It's really good. It's fantastic and it all fell together beautifully. Great performances and I think audiences are going to be on the edge of their seats.

"I did some research because the new series starts in 1929. In that era, some of the most notorious gangs were in Glasgow. This [season] is about a particular gang called The Billy Boys, who become an issue for our friends in Birmingham."

I think I speak for all of us when I say 'soon' can't come soon enough.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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