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Game Of Thrones Season Eight Is Now Only Two Weeks Away

Game Of Thrones Season Eight Is Now Only Two Weeks Away

That's right, almost two years since the seventh season kicked off, in precisely 14 days' time the whole world will be sat on their sofas to tune into the first episode of our very last installment of HBO's incredible epic fantasy series - finding out who lives... And, of course, who dies.

It's set to be one of TV's biggest moments of all time, with viewers everywhere getting ready in their own way - re-watching the previous seven seasons to ensure they're truly up to date with what's going on, hunting down Iron Thrones dotted around the globe, or simply getting worked up into a right old tizz on Twitter:


"More excited for the final season of game of thrones than I am for anything else in life," one person tweeted earlier today.

Another fan wrote: "Game of Thrones in 14 days. Do you realise that this is the last time we get that excited waiting for a new season of a series?!"

A third said: "#GameofThrones can't wait for this final season! Coworkers talking about kids. I want to talk about dragons!"

Real. Talk.

While we don't know much ahead of the big day, we do know that we can expect big things from the moment we hit play.

Peter Dinklage (aka Tyrion Lannister) has warned viewers that an epic battle scene in the new season will 'make the Battle of the Bastards look like a theme park', while each episode is not only longer, but also rumoured to have cost $15m (£11.7m) to create - adding up to an eye-watering $90m (£70.2m) across the entire eighth season.

An unreal amount of money, but something that would surely mean fans are in for an absolute treat.

It's taken a little longer for the finished product to be with us, but HBO president Casey Bloys has assured us the delay is definitely a good sign of what's in store - which is bigger and better, apparently.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he explained everyone's simply been waiting for showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss to be finally happy with the product, saying: "Here's what I'll tell you: they take the time they need to do the show at its highest level of quality. As the show has gone on, it's gotten bigger - big battle scenes, big special effects.

"These things take time. Here's the one thing I can assure you: Dan and Dave were not sitting around on a beach waiting to go back to work. They're perfectionists and this is the soonest it can come back at a level of quality that they are comfortable with."

The first episode of the eighth season of Game of Thrones lands on HBO on Sunday 14 April for viewers in the United States, while the UK can get their fix the next day no Monday 15 April.

14 sleeps, gang, just 14 sleeps. We can do it...

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