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Producers Explain Why Andy Looks So Different In Toy Story 4

Producers Explain Why Andy Looks So Different In Toy Story 4

Fans were left questioning whether Andy was a different character altogether after the trailer was released

As you probably know, Toy Story 4 is almost upon us - a film that many people never thought would exist after the emotional finale to the third instalment.

However, the trailer had many people questioning whether their memory had gone to shit since the 90s, as Andy appeared to look very different to how we all remember him. Of course, this would be perfectly normal if this was a 2019 Andy we were looking at it, but the clip appeared to be a flashback of him in his childhood bedroom... So why did Pixar feel the need to update past Andy?

All sorts of absurd theories were bandied about online, with some suggesting the boy was Andy's son and others speculating that he had plastic surgery. Seriously.

Well now we can confirm for definite that these theories were bollocks. The truth is far more straightforward - basically, Andy looked shit in the 90s films so they used today's superior technology to make him look less weird.

OG Andy (L) and Toy Story 4's 'Andy' (R).

If you actually take a look at the original Andy, he kind of looks like a toy himself, albeit a freaky human doll toy. recently visited Pixar Studios, where production designer, Bob Pauley, and global technology supervisor, Bill Reeves - who both worked on the original Toy Story - explained that the team became adept at toy animations, which didn't really translate well onto human characters.

As such, when it came to making the newest film, they basically decided that Andy looked a bit outdated/plastic, so they gave him a bit of a touch-up.

Hopefully you are all satisfied with this explanation and are happy to categorically dismiss all of the following theories as bull... Inventive perhaps, but still bull:

Andy isn't the only character to get a makeover in the new film though. Bo Peep's pink and white puffball dress and curved brimmed pink hat have been replaced by a light blue jumpsuit, finished off with a pink hair bow. The new look is supposed to reflect the character's transformation into an 'adventure-seeking free spirit'.

Featured Image Credit: Pixar

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