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There's A Dark Theory About Leonardo DiCaprio's Character In Titanic

Mark McGowan

| Last updated 

There's A Dark Theory About Leonardo DiCaprio's Character In Titanic

Film theories will never, ever stop. You'd think that people might eventually get bored of them, but they don't.

Stepping away from the theories for the likes of Stranger Things and Game of Thrones, which everyone salivates over, there's currently one for Titanic doing the rounds again. Yes, that 1990s film which starred a fresh faced Leo DiCaprio is for some reason up for the debate.

Now, usually at this point I'd tell you that reading any further would reveal spoilers, but honestly, if you don't know the ending to Titanic you need to come out from underneath your rock. Iceberg, sinking ship, loads of cold water (fuck tonnes of it in fact), a broken floating door that could fit two people but one selfish bitch didn't fancy it, dead Leonardo DiCaprio. There, spoiled it for you.

The old theory claims that Jack, played by DiCaprio, was actually a figment of Rose's imagination.

The claim comes because of Rose's mental state, which is apparently unstable. Coming from a wealthy family which had fallen on hard times, she was engaged to another rich man, who, by all accounts, was an arsehole. The relationship seems to be against her will and she wanted an escape.

Rose and Jack first meet when he talks her out of throwing herself off the boat - it's at this point where the theory suggests she's imagining his presence as her saviour.

Then, later taking her to where the 'poorer' people were on the ship, he gets her to let out her wild side after several pints of Guinness and they have a steamy shag in a car. He was effectively showing her how the other half live. This breathes life into her, showing that there is yet reason to live, and it doesn't necessarily have to be with loads of money.

Eventually, after they became so close, the ship begins to sink. As there isn't enough room on the piece of wreckage Rose seeks solitude in on the water (there was enough room), Jack sinks to his death in the freezing cold water.

By this point, the figure in Rose's imagination was no longer needed, as his work was done, he had shown her life.

Of course, it's just a theory. The film won awards, so at this point I doubt anyone involved in the writing, acting, filming, directing or producing actually gives a fuck about theories. It's just a film, to be honest.

Featured image credit: 20th Century Fox

Mark McGowan
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