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What You Need To Know Before Watching Stranger Things Season 3

What You Need To Know Before Watching Stranger Things Season 3

Time to journey back to the Upside Down, because Stranger Things season three has finally landed on Netflix.



Time to journey back to the Upside Down, because Stranger Things season three has finally landed on Netflix. And it looks like we're in for another binge-watch of terrifying monsters and pure 80s nostalgia.

This time we're headed to 1985 when school is out for summer, only this time our beloved gang are not little kids anymore.

While they try to put the past behind them and enjoy their time off school, little do they know the terrors of the Upside Down are far from over.

If you haven't already kick-started your Stranger Things marathon, it's worth going through a few refreshers of where season two left us before getting stuck.

Stranger Things demon
Stranger Things demon

First up, from season two, there's the Mind Flayer - the big bad that made season one's Demogorgon look like My Little Pony.

Although Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) managed to use her powers to lock the beast behind the gate of the Upside Down, the season ended with its silhouette looming over the dimension's version of the gang's school during the Snow Ball.

Speaking of Eleven, in the last set of episodes the character embarked on a journey of self-discovery, not only finding out who her biological mum was but also discovering more people with powers similar to hers.

However, her journey was put to a halt when she envisioned Hawkins in trouble and traveled back to help her pals overcome the perils of the Mind Flayer. A top mate.

Netflix/Stranger Things

Oh, and she also kissed Mike (Finn Wolfhard) for the first time in the show after the pair desperately tried to contact each other.

Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) meanwhile competed for the attention of new girl Max (Sadie Sink) and poor little Will (Noah Schnapp) was taken over by the Mind Flayer - although the monster was exorcised with the help of his bro and mum (Winona Ryder).

Another narrative was the development of the relationship between Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), who grew closer as they attempt to find out what's going down in Hawkins. The pair also join Joyce to help free Will from the evil creature.

Eventually the original gang came together - with the help of fan fave Steve (Joe Keery) - to overcome the horrors that threaten their town.

Stranger Things - Season 3
Stranger Things - Season 3

So, what can we expect from season three?

A recent trailer confirmed our suspicions about the Mind Flayer, as season two's monstrous force now appears to be possessing Dacre Montgomery's character Billy instead.

Thankfully, we know our core cast members are on board for the third season, including Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven, Finn Wolfhard's Mike, Noah Schnapp's Will, Caleb Mclaughlin's Lucas, Gaten Matarazzo's Dustin, Natalia Dyer's Nancy, Winona Ryder's Joyce, Charlie Heaton's Jonathan and Joe Keery's Steve.

We also know it's going to be worth the wait.


This sentiment was expressed by Netflix's programming executive, Cindy Holland, who said the team behind the show have been aiming 'bigger and better' for the next round.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association tour in Beverley Hills, she said: "The Duffer Brothers and Shawn Levy, they understand the stakes are high.

"They want to deliver something bigger and better than last year. I think it's going to be a fantastic season. It will be worth the wait."

Luckily that waiting period is over. So what are you waiting for? It's time to turn out the lights, shut the blinds, crack a few cold ones and join the gang for more monstrous adventures.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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