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Game Of Thrones Fans Think Daenerys Dragon Wing Shot Was Symbolic

Game Of Thrones Fans Think Daenerys Dragon Wing Shot Was Symbolic

People are calling it the most powerful shot of the series

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

Big, massive Game of Thrones spoilers lie ahead.

If you've not watched it - a) are you even a fan, and b) don't read on

GoT creators did a good job of giving us very little to go off for the finale of the show. But people are saying that one epic shot was particularly worth the wait.

After Tyrion and Jon Snow witnessed the destruction caused by Daenerys' on their grim walk up to the Red Keep, they stood beside her as she made a speech to her soldiers.

Before she addressed the remaining Dothraki crew and the Unsullied, the doors on the crumbling castle opened up, revealing Daenerys with her only remaining dragon spreading his wings out behind her.

It's fair to say the power went to Dany's head a bit.

Although fans may not be best pleased with Dany's descent into full on Mad Queen territory, there's no denying that it was an impressive way to show how power can go to the head.

Reactions on social media to the shot of Daenerys have varied. One person said it was 'an amazing piece of cinematography'. Others have read more into, suggesting it means she is an actual dragon herself, with some saying it shows how truly evil she has become.

Others have even compared her speech to those off fascist dictators.

But, as we now know, Dany's best moment was one of her last. After she announced that her armies would carry on their take over, Tryion and Jon had to decide what to do with her.

Jon approached her in the throne room, in an attempt to convince her of the fact that butchering innocent people isn't on. Obviously, Dany, who by this stage had taken a bit of a liking to cold-blooded murder, decided to stand firm on her intentions.

Then, just as it looked as if he was going to tell her he'd stay loyal, and in one of the most shocking parts of the episodes, if not the series, he gave her a hug-turned-stab and got rid of the Mad Queen once and for all.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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