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Netflix viewers reckon ending of Swedish ‘Finding Dory’ is the ‘greatest movie moment in cinema history’

Netflix viewers reckon ending of Swedish ‘Finding Dory’ is the ‘greatest movie moment in cinema history’

Finding Dory might be family friendly, but you might want to cover your kid's eyes at the end if you're watching the Swedish version.

Arriving at your Airbnb, nestling down for the night and turning Netflix on to find it's stuck in another language is a quandary that a lot of us have been in and sometimes, you're simply forced to admit defeat.

You're sat there with the subtitles on trying to make sense of the film, so a lot of people don't enjoy it as much - but on the odd occasion, it can be quite the happy accident.

For example, someone ended up catching the Swedish version of Finding Dory on Netflix and they reckon that it is 'truly incredible'.

And when I say someone, I mean the bloke who voiced Frozen's Olaf.

That's right - Josh Gad believes that the Nordic nation's version of the culmination of Dory's great adventure blows the rest of Hollywood out of the water.

Take a look here:

If you need a bit of a refresher on the 2016 film, it is obviously the sequel to our childhood favourite, Finding Nemo.

The ragtag gang of fish launch another search mission after the forgetful but friendly protagonist, Dory, remembers that she was separated from her parents as a child.

The blue tang fish, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, drags Nemo and Marlin on an epic journey to find her mum and dad, while finding out about the real meaning of family along the way.

The amnesic fish then ends up hijacking the truck her and a load of her sea creature friends have been plonked on, crashing it into the sea and freeing all her pals - as well as her parents.

Finding Dory follows the forgetful fish's journey to find her parents.

They all return to the reef before Dory has a deep chat with her old pal Marlin, before the film wraps up with them admiring the 'unforgettable' view of the ocean.

The words 'the end' then flash up on screen, which is the point where we all started piling out of the cinema.

But things go down a bit differently in the Swedish version of Finding Dory when the movie wraps up.

Obviously, the film and any text in it are in Swedish rather than English, so it's not 'the end' which flashes up when it finishes.

Instead, it's the word 'slut'.

Resharing the hilarious clip, which calls it the 'greatest movie moment in cinema history', on his Instagram account, the actor wrote: "This is truly incredible. I want to watch everything now in Swedish.

"Thank you for this gem."

People can't believe the word that flashes up on screen at the end of the Swedish version of the film.

Sweden's word for 'the end' or 'final' unfortunately - or fortunately, in some people's opinions - roughly translates to a derogatory English term used to describe a person who has multiple casual sexual partners.

It's certainly an abrupt ending to the poignant moment shared between the two pals underwater and social media users were left in stitches.

One person commented: "One of the many reasons I love Swedish (and all Nordic languages really). Gold, utter gold."

Another laughed: "Checks out. Marlin was a widower, poor Coral’s body still fresh in the sea bed. TOO SOON DORY."

A third said: "The way I absolutely spat out my drink. I was expecting ANYTHING but that."

While a fourth joked: "Are they calling ME a slut or Dory?"

And a fifth added: "That made my whole day."

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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