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Jack Black responds after man spots The Holiday Easter Egg ‘nobody has noticed before’

Jack Black responds after man spots The Holiday Easter Egg ‘nobody has noticed before’

The movie starring Black is still popular around the Festive season

Jack Black has confirmed a theory a fan of The Holiday had about the movie and his character.

Alright, we know The Holiday is a Christmas movie, and it ought to be illegal to discuss it again until December, but if Jack Black can comment on the movie outside of the festive season, then we will follow his inspired example.

There are many things you might think Black can turn his hand to but people unfamiliar with The Holiday might not have thought he could be a dab hand as a romantic lead.

Oddly enough, up until recently, the list of people who didn't know about The Holiday included Black himself, as he briefly forgot about it during an interview.

Still, he remembers it now, and just recently, he responded to a fan of the film who had a theory about his character in an important scene in the movie.

Jack Black in The Holiday, and the man himself confirmed a fan's theory about the movie.

Instagramming couple Micah and Sarah Wallace recently posted a video to their channel featuring Micah hopping with excitement to talk about his theory.

"You know the scene with Jack Black and the ex-girlfriend, and the ex-girlfriend trying to get him back, and she's cry, cry, crying, wah, wah, waahh," he said while laying out the theory.

"Well, as he's listening to her, very suddenly with his hand, he is playing the music to the orchestration that's happening while the scene is going.

"As if HE is thinking up the melody in that sad moment because he's a composer!"

He then stuck on the moment he was talking about, and lo and behold in the moment that Miles (Jack Black) is having an emotional moment with his ex Maggie (Shannyn Sossamon) his hand is moving as though it's playing the melody to the song the audience can hear.

While a theory like that is pretty easy to buy, it was enthusiastically confirmed by Black himself, who hopped into the comments with the '100' emoji to basically confirm the whole thing.

Naturally, people were happy that the School of Rock star had commented on the theory - and even happier that he'd said it was right.

When he's not confirming fan theories about Christmas rom-coms, Jack Black is working on songs for the next Kung-Fu Panda movie, breaking records with the tune he did for The Super Mario Bros Movie and generally being a very cool dude who seems like he'd be fun to meet in real life.

Featured Image Credit: Insta / @micahandsarahhh

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