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Scary Movie is being rebooted with a new reboot in the works

Scary Movie is being rebooted with a new reboot in the works

A new Scary Movie film is coming

A new Scary Movie is coming back on our screens.

The iconic franchise is getting a reboot, and we all can’t wait!

An instalment in the series hasn’t dropped since Scary Movie 5 in 2013, but 11 years on and the news has dropped that we will be getting another.

Paramount have announced the reboot news before their slate announcement for Cinemacon, the Las Vegas convention which saw the new Joker 2 trailer drop – and we will be seeing a huge slate announcement from Disney this evening.

The Scary Movie films are a parody of the horror genre, with the first one focusing predominantly on the Scream films.

The subsequent sequels left no stone unturned, covering everything from The Ring, 8 Mile and Signs - with a few celebrity p**s-takes in there as well.

But now with more than a decade of horror films to take the p**s out of now though, the new film should hopefully be able to capture the magic of the original.

But the news has come to mixed reactions from fans.

Wassup... (Dimension Films)
Wassup... (Dimension Films)

Some have pointed out that yet another reboot is not what Hollywood needs right now.

A fan said on X (formerly known as Twitter): “Reboots, new seasons, unnecessary live action remakes MAKE IT STOP.”

Another posted that it's 'not gonna hit the same', adding: "Early 2000s humor is what make it amazing.”

Whilst the Scary Movie films are absolute classics, you gotta wonder whether iconic jokes such as the ‘wazzup’ joke would be as funny nowadays.

Others, however, were just delighted to have the franchise back.

The first film ended up spawning a franchise. (Dimension Films)
The first film ended up spawning a franchise. (Dimension Films)

One posted on X to say: “hold on.. this might be a reboot i’m actually interested in.”

Another added: “These could be good for a laugh and because we haven’t had one in awhile they have a lot of stuff to make fun of.”

Theories have been going round about what films they could hone in on, too.

Over on the subreddit r/movies, one person said: “They are most probably poking fun at Hereditary and all the other ‘elevated horror’ movies, right?”

We can already see the jokes about Hereditary and that kid whose head gets taken off by a traffic sign…

The studio have not confirmed whether any of the original cast such as Anna Farris, Marlan or Shawn Wayans will make their big return, however.

Though would it really be a Scary Movie without them?

Paramount have confirmed though that, whist a release date isn’t set in stone – production will begin later this year and they aim to release the film in 2025.

The film will also be produced by Fast & Furious producer, Neal H. Moritz.

So, we'll have to wait and see.

Featured Image Credit: Dimension

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