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Viewers are going wild over Prime Video's Red, White and Royal Blue film

Viewers are going wild over Prime Video's Red, White and Royal Blue film

The film has become the streaming service's number-one global movie over the weekend.

Viewers are absolutely losing it over Prime Video’s new Red, White and Royal Blue movie.

You may have already seen this flick suggested on 'Explore' or even on your ‘For You Page’.

The new film is based on the best-selling novel of the same name, which follows Alex Claremont-Diaz, a first son of the United States, and his romantic relationship with Prince Henry, a British prince.

The comedy romance movie directed by Matthew Lopez is receiving praise from viewers for depicting positive queer relationships.

Prime Video

Something you don't see too often, especially in regal movies.

One fan simply wrote via Twitter: “Red, White and Royal Blue is my new personality.”

Another said: “[The] Red White and Royal Blue movie is probably the best book-to-movie adaptation I've ever seen.”

A third commented in part: “Growing up, I feel like every queer representation in the media was gritty, and presented as a dirty little secret - it’s about time we see mainstream wholesome LGBTQ+ stories.”

While another penned: “Just finished Red White and Royal Blue, and my heart is palpitating from joy. That was so beautiful. Nothing I love more than Queer Joy !!! Can't wait rewatch a billion times.”

The film became Prime Video's number-one global movie over the weekend following its release on August 11.

Journalist Marcus Wratten notes how the movie ‘breaks the mould for joyous queer stories in mainstream cinema’.

And while the flick probably won’t win an Oscar anytime soon, Wratten said its sheer success proves there’s a demand for three-dimensional queer stories.

“Is it cinematic perfection, worthy of endless awards and critical acclaim? Not particularly. It’s a harmless, frivolous story that could have quite easily been created by the Hallmark Channel,” he said.

“It’s just nice to see that these queer stories not only have a space, but that they can find a huge fan base, too.”

And you’d be happy to know that a sequel is potentially in the works.

During an interview with Teen Vogue, Lopez teased: "I would love to do a sequel — if we have the right story. I think there has to be a better reason than simply the desire to make one. There has to be a compelling story reason.

“I don't think a sequel is a bad idea, but I don't think a sequel for the sake of doing a sequel is necessarily sufficient.”

Featured Image Credit: Prime Video

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