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AI predicts what Harry Potter characters would look like today

AI predicts what Harry Potter characters would look like today

Harry Potter was born on this day, more than four decades ago

Today, 31 July, isn't just the end of a miserable and rainy month that's felt entirely un-summery. It's actually a day of celebration for fans of the Wizarding World - it's Harry Potter's birthday!

That's right; the powerful wizard was born on this day 43 whole years ago. He's officially approaching middle-aged - let's just hope he's not driving Ginny mad with any mid-life crises.

Harry Potter was just 11 when he started at Hogwarts.
Warner Bros.

Fans of the Harry Potter films got a glimpse at what some of the main characters would look like a few years on at the very end of the series, but in honour of Harry's birthday, we've decided to get an update on what they all might look like now with a little help from AI.

Fred and George Weasley

Look, I'll just come right out and say it - there's one too many people here. As much as we might wish otherwise, Fred sadly met his demise in the epic fight for good against Lord Voldemort.

When you look at it that way, he's actually aged pretty well - meaning he isn't a skeleton. But on the whole, he and his twin seem to have lost their cheeky charm and replaced their love of pranks with more serious attitudes.

They've at least managed to keep hold of their fiery orange hair, which is more than we can say for actors James and Oliver Phelps - their hair quickly returned to their natural brown when filming ended.

If only Fred had made it to this age...

Luna Lovegood

Now approaching middle-aged, but still looking as ethereal as ever.

Would we expect anything less from Ms. Lovegood?

Luna has aged with style.

Draco Malfoy

Draco's dad, Lucius, gave us a pretty good idea of what an older Draco might look like, but unlike his dad's long hair, the grown-up version of Draco has instead opted for a trendier cropped style.

Like Harry, Draco would now also be in his early 40s, but there's no sign of him greying just yet, and his chiseled jawline indicates he's been keeping in good shape since leaving Hogwarts. Let's just hope he's kept up his more honourable behaviour, too.

Draco hasn't followed in his dad's footsteps when it comes to hairstyles.


Would you just look at our little house elf! Being a free elf would have obviously suited Dobby - if his life hadn't been cut short so cruelly. RIP, friend.

Justice for Dobby!

Ginny Weasley

Like her brothers, Ginny has of course managed to retain her red locks while generally ageing beautifully, much like her old schoolmate, Luna.

I have to say, though, her older self looks a lot more like Jurassic World's Bryce Dallas Howard than Bonnie Wright, who played Ginny in the films. Anyone else see the resemblance?

Is this Ginny, or a poster for the new Jurassic World?

Lord Voldemort

You probably won't be surprised to learn that of all the characters, He Who Shall Not Be Named has aged the worst.

That's not really saying much, considering he looked like a very elderly man combined with a newborn when he first regained his power, but the years really haven't been kind to him.

It's hard to say how old the Dark Lord would be now, but he's got more wrinkles than ever, and long, wispy hair that's in desperate need of a cut.

Perhaps Voldermort's only saving grace is the fact that he's somehow managed to re-grow a nose since he was defeated by Harry, but still, he needs to give up on the Horcruxes and just let nature do its thing.

Does Voldemort really deserve to have a nose?

Dudley Dursley

After years of being pampered by his parents, Dudley looks like real life has hit him in the face with a frying pan. It's unclear whether the number of his birthday presents still increases every year, but I think what he really needs most is a day off.

You ok, Dudley?

Hermione Granger

She was beautiful then, and she's beautiful now - and you just know it's all natural. Some wizards might be tempted to try and use their magic to stay young, but we all know Hermione would only use her powers for selfless reasons - unless it gave her the chance to fit in more school classes, that is.

Hermione looks to have aged just as gracefully as her now-33-year-old real-life counterpart, Emma Watson, though unlike the actor, Hermione has seemingly clung on to her big curls throughout her life.

She looks ready to correct you on basically all of your knowledge - but only in a well-meaning, friendly way, of course.

Hermione is ready to correct you.

Ron Weasley

Unfortunately, Ron hasn't aged quite as gracefully as his wife. Their kids must have really cause him some stress, because the once young, innocent-looking Weasley now looks like he's been through some real sh*t.

Aside from puking slugs, facing a cave full of spiders and having to fight off the most powerful wizard in the world, that is.

Ron's still-vibrant orange hair indicates he's not given in to life's stresses just yet, but he could probably benefit from a good meal and a bit of sunshine.

Thankfully, Rupert Grint looks much more fresh-faced than his character - though with a young child of his own, the AI might just be a glimpse into his future.

Life hasn't been kind to Ron.

Harry Potter

Now on to the birthday boy himself, Harry Potter. Considering everything he went through in his teenage years, life seems to have been relatively kind to Harry in the aftermath, and he still looks pretty well.

Harry has obviously leaned in to his ageing by growing a bit of a beard, which is starting to go grey at the ends, but he's stood by his trusty round glasses and has apparently even started experimenting with some new style choices - namely a fashionable scarf loosely spun around his neck.

His hair is much longer than actor Daniel Radcliffe's and could really do with a brush, and it probably wouldn't hurt him to look a bit less serious, but all in all he's aged pretty well. Hagrid would be proud.

Harry could never give up his glasses.

The various characters have obviously all been through their own ordeals in the years since we bid them goodbye, and some seem to have handled it better than others.

At least they'll always stay young in the stories!

Featured Image Credit: WarnerBros/Midjourney

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