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GTA 6 trailer has just obliterated a YouTube record set by MrBeast

GTA 6 trailer has just obliterated a YouTube record set by MrBeast

There has never been more hype for a YouTube video than the new Grand Theft Auto trailer

The trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI is so incredibly popular that it's just broken a YouTube record set by MrBeast and has plenty of time to set the bar even higher.

We've been waiting for so long to get a proper look at GTA 6 and then someone goes and leaks the trailer the day before Rockstar were going to announce it, so Rockstar decided to publish the real thing early.

Watch the trailer:

"Our trailer has leaked so please watch the real thing on YouTube," the games company said on social media, their apparent annoyance at being gazumped by a leaker coming through in their tweet.

However, it seems as though the leaked trailer can't hold a candle to the real thing, with Rockstar's video shooting to the top of trending on YouTube.

It's even managed to completely demolish one of MrBeast's records on the site, as JOE (the site, I'm not referring to myself in third person) reports that the GTA 6 trailer has sailed past his record for the most YouTube views on a video in 24 hours.

The GTA 6 trailer is out and it's doing incredible numbers.
Rockstar Games

MrBeast's video titled '7 Days Stranded at Sea' racked up 46 million views in the first day and set a new record for the best performing non-music video on the site back in August.

At time of writing the GTA 6 trailer has been on YouTube for around 12 hours and it's already on 57 million views and climbing, every few minutes it's packing on another few hundred thousand and by the time you read this it'll almost certainly be much higher.




Having already beaten MrBeast's record with more than half the day to go it's time to wonder whether the GTA 6 trailer can crack the top 10 of all time YouTube videos.

As you can imagine the YouTube top 10 is dominated by music, with the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer having to hit 61.5 million views before the day is out to make it onto the list.

Given its current trajectory it ought to do so pretty handily, meaning it'd be displacing Blackpink's tune 'Lovesick Girls'.

They've deposed MrBeast and now they're coming for your crown, BTS.
Rockstar Games

However, at this point it looks like a question not of whether the GTA 6 trailer will make the top 10 but how high it will climb before 24 hours are done.

The list is dominated by K-Pop and at the top is BTS and their song 'Butter', which racked up an incredible 108 million views in one day.

To beat that the GTA 6 trailer would need to do as well in the second half of its opening 24 hours as it did in the first.

If nothing else it looks set to raise the bar for YouTube's most popular non-music videos, so if MrBeast wants to get his record back he'll have to do something quite spectacular.

No pressure, Jimmy.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games / YouTube / MrBeast

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