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Lizzo posts first-person footage of Adele's real reaction to Harry Styles winning Grammy over Beyoncé

Lizzo posts first-person footage of Adele's real reaction to Harry Styles winning Grammy over Beyoncé

Lizzo shared the clip on TikTok

Lizzo has shared first-person footage of Adele’s real reaction to Harry Styles winning the Album of the Year Grammy over Beyoncé, after a video appeared to show her storming off as he picked up the award.

The ‘Juice’ singer had been stood right next to Styles when he found out he’d won, and had been filming to capture the poignant moment on camera:

Footage from another angle that showed Adele supposedly rolling her eyes after hearing that Styles had won, having been up against him alongside Beyoncé.

As several people around the table shot up, Adele remained seated, with one Twitter user saying alongside the clip: "Adele was so real for this."

Another commented: “The best part is that we all know that she’s not pissed for not getting it herself. She knows it belonged to Beyoncé.”

Many viewers felt it was a snub to Styles.

Footage from ANOTHER angle then showed Adele appearing to walk off, leaving many fans convinced that she ‘left’ during Styles’ acceptance speech.

She also appeared to walk off as Styles collected his award.

But Lizzo has since posted a first-person video that proves Adele’s reaction was slightly different to the one we saw – and it’s hilarious in a different way.

After screaming with joy for the singer, Lizzo and a few others started singing along to ‘Music For A Sushi Restaurant’ as Styles took to the stage.

She then panned the camera around to Adele, who didn’t look too happy – though not necessarily for the reason that some have assumed.

“What are you filming me for?!” she asked Lizzo in mock horror, seemingly mortified to have the camera thrust in her face at close range.

Adele asked why Lizzo was filming her, in feigned horror.

Commenting on the TikTok video, one user wrote: “This is like the 2014 Oscar selfie.”

Someone else said: "Thank you for this angle Lizzo."


Many others also couldn't get enough of the A-list power behind Lizzo and Adele's clear friendship, with one adding: "Throughout the night, you and Adele made the Grammys so fun. Thank you for your kind energy!"

While Adele missed out on the Best Album gong, she did go home with the Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance for her song 'Easy on Me'.

She also fulfilled her 'dream' of meeting Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, having been introduced to him during the ceremony by host Trevor Noah.

Adele has now officially met The Rock.

Noah approached the table Adele was sitting at alongside her boyfriend Rich Paul.

The former The Daily Show host teased: "The person Adele has always wanted to meet but never has is Dwayne Johnson."

He continued: “And then I found out he’s a huge fan of yours too."

As Adele nodded modestly, Noah added: "I don’t have Dwayne Johnson here tonight but I do have someone called The Rock.”

The iconic wrestler turned movie star then walked up to the table and gave the ‘Someone Like You’ singer a big hug, while her sports agent beau watched on.

Viewers loved seeing the wholesome moment unfold on screen, with one fan tweeting: “The best moment so far.”

A second wrote: “Aww omg he is just the most sweetest kindest hearted guy u can meet and like.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Lizzo

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