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Netflix Viewers Unaware Of Simple Trick To Avoid Seeing Spoilers After Complaints

Netflix Viewers Unaware Of Simple Trick To Avoid Seeing Spoilers After Complaints

The streaming service answered viewers’ pleas back in 2020

Are you tired of your favourite Netflix shows being spoiled in the previews before you even get to watch them? Well, there’s now a nifty trick to deactivate the teasers from automatically playing when you go into the streaming service.

And yes, it’s an absolute game-changer.

In fact, Netflix answered viewers’ pleas back in 2020 and revealed that users could turn off the auto play previews on its homepage.

They tweeted at the time: "We've heard the feedback loud and clear -- members can now control whether or not they see auto play previews on Netflix."

All you need to do is sign-in to your account either on a PC, laptop or phone.

You then need to select ‘manage profiles’ from the menu and pick the profile you want to update.

Next you check or uncheck the option to ‘auto play previews’ while browsing on all devices.

Not only that but you can also turn off automatically playing the next episode by checking or unchecking the ‘auto play next episode’ option in a series on all devices.

The streaming service notes that it can take some time for the setting to update but you can speed up the process by switching to another profile, and then switching back to yours to reload it.

You can update the setting on your laptop, PC or phone.

The TV hack was brought to users’ attention once again on Reddit on Sunday (29 May) after a customer complained about Netflix 'spoiling' their favourite shows with their auto playing previews and clips.

The thread began with a user writing: “Netflix really needs to stop showing spoilers in the preview and image's when scrolling.”

While many people aired their frustrations, one user came to their rescue and wrote: “You can deactivate trailers and clips in your account settings. But only through a PC/Laptop.”

In response, a user replied: “Wait, are you serious?? I need to go look that up now.”

“You can? Cool to know,” another shared. “Thanks! changed this just now, very very nice.”

A fourth added: “Just did it on my iphone in the browser. Doesn’t even have to be desktop version.”

“Once I did this I never looked back. Completely fixes the problem,” a fifth penned.

The tip comes two months after Ozark fans were up in arms after a trailer for the beloved series seemingly gave away a rather big spoiler for the fourth and final series, which landed on Netflix last month.

One fan wrote: "OK…I know they didn't just put a big ass spoiler in this new Ozark trailer, right? This BETTER be a dream sequence or some shit, Netflix.

"If you haven't watched the trailer…don't."

Another added: "Well don't watch the trailer for #Ozark Season 4 Part 2 unless you want a lot of spoilers. Terrible decision. Why @netflix?"

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