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Jake Paul Gifted Tyron Woodley £9,000 Rolex To Make A Joke

Jake Paul Gifted Tyron Woodley £9,000 Rolex To Make A Joke

Jake Paul gifted Tyron Woodley the watch so he could make a joke and it definitely paid off...

This is the moment Jake Paul gifted Tyron Woodley a £9,000 Rolex just to make a specific joke which paid off during last night's rematch between the pair. Take a look below:

Paul went face to face with Woodley days before claiming his second victory over the ex-UFC champion.

During their interview, the 24-year-old pulled out a gift for 39-year-old Woodley telling him he should open it for the cameras, adding: "It's a good gift."

Woodley did just that and realised that there was a Rolex watch inside, dubbing Paul 'crazy'.

It was wrapped up and everything.

Jake went on to say it was a 'gift of respect' before going on to joke: "It's time for me to knock him out."


With that, Woodley told him: "I accept your gift," - we bet you do - before adding: "And all the bonuses, I accept it all. And I'm going to do the same thing on Saturday."

Paul asked whether he meant he's going to lose, to which Woodley went on: "This dude is crazy."

When he was asked why he's accepting it, Woodley said: "Why wouldn't I accept it? He put a bow on it and wrapped it, I ain't gonna be disrespectful."

Paul flattened Woodley.

Then when he was asked whether he's ever had a gift like this from an opponent, he said: "I ain't never had an opponent do a lot of what this dude do." Fair.

Of course, he certainly put his money (and Rolex) where his mouth was because Paul went on to win last night's fight.

It wasn't until the sixth round that Paul caught Woodley with a devastating right hook which sent him face-planting on to the canvas.

The win did not come easily for Paul though, as he sustained a cut in the third round caused by an accidental elbow from Woodley, prompting blood to pour down his face.


Speaking after the fight, he said: "This guy [Woodley] is a legend and respect to him for taking the fight with two weeks' notice.

"It was a tough fight. I had blood in my eyes. I had the job done.

"I was setting the punch up the whole fight. He didn't see it coming. Like a lumberjack, timber. It's got to be the moment of my life."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Showtime

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