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Jordan Peele's First Three Films Have All Hit #1 On The Box Office

Jordan Peele's First Three Films Have All Hit #1 On The Box Office

The director's latest movie, Nope, has helped Peele hit the trifecta after a stunning opening.

It’s official: Jordan Peele has hit the trifecta.

His latest film Nope has reached number one on the American domestic box office, making it three from three.

Variety reports that Peele’s latest film reached $44 million (AUD $63m or £36) for its box office debut, making it one of the biggest openings an original film not attached to intellectual property has seen in recent years.

Previously, the filmmaker's movies Get Out and Us also topped the box office.

The former brought in $173 million (AUD $248m and £143m) and the latter grossing over $175 million (AUD $ 251 or £145).

That means all three of Peele's movies have hit number one.

However, not only is the film making massive coin but it's also been met with critical praise.

The New Yorker is saluting it as ‘one of the best movies about moviemaking'.

Nope centres around two siblings who own a Californian horse ranch and discover something sinister looming in the sky. It explores the notion of representation and exploitation in Hollywood today.

While appearing on the TODAY show, the director said that the film focuses on an alien invasion, which is a metaphor for the entertainment industry and capitalism.

He added that the film uses familiar Hollywood tropes to delve into the idea of race while providing social commentary.

“My race, I think, has informed my entire artistic journey, and part of it has been trying to reconcile the box, and the box is that this country puts people of colour in and trying to break out of that box,” he said.

However, not everyone has taken kindly to the movie.

Logan Paul took to Twitter slamming the film, by writing: “I love Peele, the VFX & aesthetic. But my thesis is this: I can feel him attempting to recreate the shock from Get Out and Us

“Mystery, violent allure & cinematic choices made for the sake of reaction instead of legitimate contribution to the storyline killed this movie for me.”

However, many were quick to point out that Nope's daring plot was likely lost on the YouTuber.

One person wrote: “The fact that Logan Paul doesn’t like Jordan Peele’s new movie Nope and is confused deeply by its allegories of Hollywood being a monster that kills moral-less people is too ironic to not mention. Also makes me enjoy the movie even more.”

While another said: “I honestly don't expect you to get this movie. Especially when your entire career is a spectacle.

Jupe was trying to find success he lost after Gordy's Home hence the theme park of his only success The Cowboy Kid. It's like you trying to find success after your incident in Japan.”

Offfft..shots fired.

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

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