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Get Out Director Jordan Peele Says He's Had Enough Of Acting

Get Out Director Jordan Peele Says He's Had Enough Of Acting

The director and screenwriter said he plans on staying behind the camera in future

Jordan Peele has revealed he doesn't plan on making a return to acting any time soon.

The Get Out director used a bizarre but interesting masturbation analogy while giving his reasons for wanting to stay behind the camera in the future.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about whether we'd see him on screen again, Peele said: "I like watching my movies.

"I can watch the films I direct [but] watching me perform just feels like... a bad kind of masturbatory.


"It's masturbation you don't enjoy. I feel like I got to do so much and it is a great feeling. When I think about those great moments when you're basking in something you said that feels funny.

"When I think about all that, I think I got enough."

Yeah, mate, fair point, well made.

Peele has had phenomenal success over the past few years, working with Universal Studios to create Get Out and Us - the latter of which had the biggest original horror movie opening weekend ever - as well as working on The Twilight Zone reboot.

But despite his success, Peele says he stays humble and always follows the belief the movie is bigger than the director.


He told The Hollywood Reporter: "The biggest thing that gets into an artist's way is his or her own ego. I truly believe that.

"I'm always trying to figure out ways to keep my ego in check because when that sneaks in there, it f***s s*** up - almost always.

"I submit to this idea that the film, the movie, the story is important. I'm less important. It frees me up to be competent. It's not about me and I just have to execute this thing."

Peele is reported to be working with Universal once again - this time on a remake of the Wes Craven 1991 horror classic The People Under the Stairs.

According to Collider, Peele will produce the new film alongside Win Rosenfeld via their Monkeypaw Productions banner.

Although Peele is not expected to direct the film himself, it remains unclear whether he and/or Rosenfeld will have a hand in writing the script.

A scene from 1991's The People Under the Stairs.

The 1991 movie tells the tale of a couple of would-be burglars who get more than they bargained for when they break into the creepy home of the Robesons that is crammed full of people locked away in the basement.

As yet, Peele's reboot doesn't have cast or release date details.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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