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What Is Kevin Durant's Net Worth In 2022?

What Is Kevin Durant's Net Worth In 2022?

Kevin Durant has had an outstanding NBA career, but what is his net worth?

The 33-year-old basketball superstar, Kevin Durant, has been tearing up the NBA for 14 seasons now.

Growing up in Washington DC, Durant immediately stood out from his classmates, not only showing off his sporting talents on the court but also physically reaching 6ft in height whilst he was still in middle school (age 10-12).

So after a childhood dedicated to training, plus the added help of reaching 6ft 9inches in college, it is no wonder Durant has made a big name for himself in the NBA. 

His successful career has seen him pick up two championship rings, three olympic medals and a huge sum of money.

So with the American athlete still having many years left on his multi-million dollar contract, how much is he now worth in 2022? 

What Is Kevin Durant's Net Worth? 

As of 2022, Kevin Durant plays for the Brooklyn Nets and has an estimated net worth of $200 million.

Forbes highlights that after joining the Nets in 2019, after three years with the Golden State Warriors, his $164 million 4-year contract makes Durant one of the five highest paid athletes in the league.

Not only does he make on average $42 million a year through his basketball prowess, but his many lucrative endorsement and sponsorship deals earns him tens of millions more each year. 

Durant’s highest paying sponsorship comes from none other than the world’s leading sportswear brand, Nike.

As one of the best players the NBA has seen in recent years, earning himself 12 All-Star jerseys across his career, it is no wonder that Nike can afford to spend the big bucks keeping this forward wearing their brand.

Per year, it’s reported that Durant earns $26 million per year from his Nike sponsorship, with the brand even celebrating his success by releasing multiple iterations of his own signature shoe. 

Alongside Nike, deals with Gatorade, Degree and Beats by Dr.Dre, allows Durant to live his lavish lifestyle more than comfortably.

Other than his interest in basketball, Durant also brings home income through his number of different venture capital investments, owning stakes in a number of different companies, such as Postmaets and more than 40 small tech companies!

In 2020, Durant also purchased himself a stake in Major League Soccer’s Philadelphia Union.

So with all these investments potentially returning millions, it looks like Durant has set himself up nicely for the future.  

In 2022, Kevin Durant is currently not in a relationship with anyone, instead choosing to live alone in one of his many mansions across the world.

He owns several properties around Oklahoma City, as well as purchasing his most recent property in California in 2021 for an enormous $15.6 million. 

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