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Netflix Drops First Look At Wednesday In New Addams Family Spin-Off

Netflix Drops First Look At Wednesday In New Addams Family Spin-Off

The iconic teen goth is back in a new TV-spin off directed by Tim Burton in his first foray into the small screen.

The Addams family are back.

And in typical Addams Family style, we're introduced to a grim yet incredibly cool character: the iconic Wednesday Addams.

Jenna Ortega is donning the raven-coloured braids of Wednesday Addams in the Netflix spin-off of everybody's favourite forbidding family.

You might recognise Ortega from her roles in Scream, Jane the Virgin, or You.

And now her resume is about to include Wednesday with none other than Tim Burton at the helm in his first foray into television.

We don't know too much about the Netflix adaptation, but according to Deadline, Wednesday will be a coming-of-age comedy that follows our favourite goth girl through her time at Nevermore Academy.

Deadline has described it as a 'sleuthing, supernaturally infused mystery'.

We'll see Wednesday attempt to master her newfound physic abilities.

She'll also attempt to thwart a killer terrorising the town while solving a supernatural mystery that involved her parents two decades before.

Oh, and she'll have to navigate a new school and new relationships in the process.

Sounds like a frightful amount of fun, if you ask us.

And it seems we aren't the only ones wishing we could see more with a snap of our fingers.

One social media user said: "Why can’t this just come out on Netflix today. I can’t wait anymore."

A second commented: "Omg I can't wait for this to start. Jenna Ortega is slaying it already."

A third added: "Wednesday continues to be my spirit animal."

Another user made a pretty decent point about the teaser being released on a Tuesday, adding:

"Missed opportunity to release the trailer on the day of the title."

But folks, let's be real here: with the 41-seconds of deadpan stare from Ortega, we reckon she is going to be perfect for the role.

And is she taking The Thing (the disembodied hand, if you're unfamiliar with The Addams Family) to school with her? We need to know more.

But wait! There is more.

We haven't yet mentioned the star-studded cast that will be appearing alongside Ortega.

Christina Ricci - who played Wednesday in the 1991 film - is featured on the cast list.

According to Gizmodo Louis Guzmán will star as the suave patriarch Gomez Addams.

Catherine Zeta-Jones will feature as the chic-noir Morticia Addams

And Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie will take on a so-far unnamed role.

Now, all we need is Netflix to give us a release date.

And please, only drop new details on Wednesdays from now on.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix.

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