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​Foo Fighters Cover Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' With 10-Year-Old On Guitar

​Foo Fighters Cover Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' With 10-Year-Old On Guitar

What a little dude! Dave Grohl was impressed too.

It's always great when you rock up to a gig and you're treated to a nice surprise - especially as you've usually forked out a small fortune on the ticket.

Recently Foo Fighters fans at a concert in Kansas City, Missouri, were given a treat when Dave Grohl and co not only decided to crank out a rendition of Metallica's 'Enter Sandman', but also invited a guitar-shredding 10-year-old onto the stage to help them do so.

Brian Gittings/YouTube

In footage filmed by fan Brian Gittings, you can see Grohl ask the kid, who's called Collier, if he knows how to play the guitar.

Turns out he does - which means Grohl then asks him what songs he knows.

Collier replies: "I know a lot of Metallica songs."

And so begins a seriously epic collab between the Foos and young Collier, who breaks into the opening riff before the rest of the band kicks in.

Yeeeeeeeesh. What a little dude.

Many YouTubers commented on the video to congratulate the kid on what really was a sterling performance.

One person wrote: "I love how that kid just immediately owned the stage."

Another added: "What a little rockstar walking up and down the stage like that haha, what a legend."

A third said: "That kid has awesome stage presence, walking around the front while playing. He's got some skills."

Others also praised Grohl for his kind actions, with one commenting: "God, Dave Grohl just keeps getting better and better man. What a man crush I have developed on this UNIVERSAL treasure."

Someone else commented: "Dave Grohl is such a cool guy, he just gets it."

Another wrote in agreement: "In a crazy world of assholes, be like Dave Grohl!!"

And one other person said: "I'll never get tired of this type of stuff. Shows the real human side of rockstars. Dave is just the man."

Grohl even gave Collier the guitar, jokingly saying that he might as well have it seeing as the tour was nearly over, adding: "If I see that shit on eBay next week, I'm gonna find you, Collier."

Something tells us Collier won't ever be letting that baby go...

Featured Image Credit: Brian Gittings/YouTube

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