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People baffled after the Unknown from the Willy Wonka experience performs at the Brits

People baffled after the Unknown from the Willy Wonka experience performs at the Brits

Surely it can't be a coincidence...

The Brit Awards are over for another year and if we're being honest there were some really weird moments in there, right?

People didn't seem to go for the kiss cam sketch much at all, while the audience got accused of being half-hearted at best in their applause during the early stages of the night.

Then some folks grumbled that Tate McRae was dancing more than she was singing, while a few eagle eyed viewers spotted a bare bum crack being broadcast live on ITV.

What was more delightful was the record-breaking six Brit Award wins by Raye, and everyone was anticipating a performance from Kylie Minogue to finish the night off.

Only when she came out to sing there were some shadowy figures on stage which looked awfully familiar.

That's the Unknown.

People at home immediately made the connection between the enigmatic figures on stage and the Unknown, the wall-dwelling chocolate monster which recently appeared at that disastrous Willy Wonka experience where the police were called.

"Was that The Unknown on stage with Kylie just then???" someone asked and it sure as s**t looks like it.

Obviously they could be any bunch of weird cloaked figures with a mask but they look so much like The Unknown it's hard to imagine it could have been a coincidence.

Someone else wanted to know 'why are The Unknown from Wonka experience on Brit Awards', and a third praised Kylie for 'getting The Unknown from Willy Wonka to perform'.

The Willy Wonka-type experience last weekend has captured the attention of the British public and plenty have been fascinated by The Unknown, a character which has never appeared in any Willy Wonka-related stuff before but made children cry at the Glasgow event.

One of the actors involved said they'd basically been given cheap costumes and a seemingly AI generated script for 'Willy's Chocolate Experience', which for some reason featured The Unknown.

The Unknown must have a pretty good agent.
Facebook/Maryanne McCormack

However, it seems as though The Unknown and several others like it have scored the lucrative career move of performing with Kylie Minogue, as a troupe of them formed her backup dancers for a section of her Brit Awards performance.

At the end of the Wonka event The Unknown was supposed to be defeated by being sucked up with a vacuum cleaner, though since no vacuum cleaner was provided it seems like they've lived to dance another day.

Frankly one person got it spot on when they said Kylie had managed an 'unbelievable booking' to get The Unknown dancing with her at the Brits.

Seriously though, where the hell did the idea for The Unknown come from?

Did an AI spit that out or did someone think what Willy Wonka really needed was a monstrous nemesis that lived in the walls?

Either way, they seem to have got Kylie on board.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Maryanne McCormack/ITV

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