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British rapper with Jamaican accent joining OnlyFans after claiming he has one of world's largest penises

British rapper with Jamaican accent joining OnlyFans after claiming he has one of world's largest penises

He says he's been in talks with OnlyFans for a big-money deal.

A British artist with a Jamaican accent when he raps is 'seriously thinking' about monetising his huge willy in exchange for a multi-million pound OnlyFans deal.

The likes of Sean Paul and Shaquille O'Neal are said to be big fans of Sheppey-born singer M Dot R, whose viral song 'Turn Red' is proving to be a bit hit on YouTube with six million views.

M Dot R - born Moses Robert McGeorge - claims to be the UK's biggest Jamaican Patois rapper and is currently signed to record label Sony.

Rebel Agency

He has been a huge fan of Jamaican culture since childhood and has found a niche market for reggae and dancehall mixed with grime.

Away from music, however, Moses has spoken out about having one of the biggest penises in the world and how women are 'scared' to sleep with him.

He said: “I’ve had loads of instances where women have refused to sleep with me once they saw my tackle.

“Sone of them have said, ‘Get that thing away from me’ as they are scared they will end up being unable to walk afterwards.

“Word has clearly reached OnlyFans, probably from my fans, and I’ve been in talks to sign with them for big money."

Though he is 'seriously thinking' about opening an account, he added: “I’m still all about the music. But times are tight for everyone, so I may well sign with them as the money might be too good to turn down.

Rebel Agency

“My fans will probably also get a kick out of seeing what they’ve all been talking about for a long while.

“I’m not sure how they first heard about it – maybe from an ex putting things on socials.”

Although lads would typically think having a huge willy would be a 'dream', the rapper insists it has become a 'bit of a nightmare'.

He says he's had to fork out hundreds of pounds a year on 'special underwear' to cater his big junk.

M Dot R added: “Most guys always say they wish they had a big one – but when women won’t sleep with you because it’s so massive, that’s a problem.

“I’ve had relationships break down over it and a lot of girls refuse to come back for seconds once they sleep with me once.

“It can be a bit of a nightmare.”

While claiming to have a long Johnson, the singer says he isn't willing to reveal just how big it is.

"That’s going to be revealed if I sign up to OnlyFans,” he said.

“Let’s just say it’s pretty much double the UK average – and it gets to be as big as a forearm.”

The rapper is signed to Rebel Agency.
Rebel Agency

So to get an idea, the average penis in the UK comes in at just over 5 inches.

Although, the London-born rapper insists that he still wants to develop his music, adding: “I was born in London, and grime… that’s what it was – I just went with the culture.

“But it was always reggae and dancehall music for me. In 2017, I kinda adapted this grime energy, the Jamaican Patois and English beat and I put them all together.

“I was like, ‘OK, this is what I am.’ Because I was trying to be an authentic dancehall artist, but I’m not, I’m not an authentic dancehall artist – I’m a white man from England who does dancehall.

“So however authentic you say it is, it probably isn't going to be authentic. It’s going to be my style of it.

“I didn’t realise, but I moulded a sound that was like this fiery, crazy-energy Patois craziness. That literally just took me through.”

M Dot is currently signed up to Britain’s biggest influencers management firm Rebel Agency.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Mdotartist

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