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'Haunting and creepy' Netflix documentary that's quickly become UK's most-watched show

'Haunting and creepy' Netflix documentary that's quickly become UK's most-watched show

Audiences are engrossed in the show

Netflix has a new number one TV show and viewers are labelling it one of the most 'haunting and creepy' documentaries they've ever laid eyes on.

Released to the streaming giant last Wednesday (21 February), the documentary series is the latest true crime offering showcasing some of the truly awful things people have done to innocent bystanders.

The show focuses on one of the UK's most notorious cyberstalkers as he terrorised three women.

It tells the true story of horrific cyberstalking.

Those women - Abby Furness, Lia Marie Hambly and Zoe Jade Hallam - have shared their stories with Netflix after being cornered by cyberstalker, Matthew Hardy.

Since being released on Netflix, it's spent the last five days as the number one watched show on the platform, knocking romantic drama series One Day off of the top stop.

Called Can I Tell You a Secret?, the show looks at how Hardy approached his victims before turning their lives upside down through his sick acts.

Watch the trailer for the show below:

Hardy's method quickly comes apparent, with him approaching these women with what appear to be harmless messages.

It then quickly turned into a bombardment of messages to them, their mates and families, with Hardy using fake social media profiles to share private information about the women.

He also would post lies about them that would have devastating effects.

The situation went unsolved until police constable Kevin Anderson got involved. He was committed to tracking down the UK's most prolific cyberstalker once and for all.

Those who have watched the show have been shocked by what they've seen as it documents the journey from innocent message to Hardy's conviction.

In 2022, Hardy, from Northwich in Cheshire, was given the longest custodial prison sentence in British history for online stalking after targeting at least 62 victims over a time period spanning 11 years, receiving nine years behind bars.

The trailer is rather haunting.

Over on X, one user posted: "Can I Tell You A Secret? on Netflix is haunting."

A second said: "It's so creepy I never want to leave my house again."

And a third user added: "The mental torture he did deserves a lot longer sentence than he was given."

The documentary series, which is just two episodes lasting around 50 minutes each, has been produced from Louis Theroux's production company Mindhouse.

Speaking about the show earlier this month, he told Radio Times: "It's very twisty-turny... very compulsive viewing."

Can I Tell You a Secret? is available to stream on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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