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Netflix viewers think ‘dangerous’ and ‘disturbing’ film is ‘a must watch for horror lovers’

Netflix viewers think ‘dangerous’ and ‘disturbing’ film is ‘a must watch for horror lovers’

The film is an essential watch for horror sickos worldwide

Horror lovers may be some of the scariest breed of film fans, with many of them often actively searching out the goriest, most terrifying and disturbing films they can find.

One thing about these fans though, is they are always on the lookout for the next must watch horror film, and Netflix viewers reckon they’ve found one.

The film in question is a horror movie that has been described as ‘dangerous’ and ‘disturbing’.

Beyond that, it was the highest rated horror film of 2023 on Rotten Tomatoes, with an unreal score of 96 per cent.

Check out the trailer and see what you think.

Talk to Me is an Australian supernatural horror, and it’s creepy as f**k.

The film is directed by a pair of identical twins, Michael Philippou and Danny Philippou, who first rose to prominence for their YouTube channel ‘RackaRacka’.

The duo transitioned to filmmaking, bringing Talk to Me to life as a feature length film for A24, after initially releasing a short version of it on their YouTube channel.

A shot of the film was posted on the Facebook group ‘Netflix Bangers’ with the caption:

Talk to Me. A must watch for horror movie lovers.”

The comments couldn’t have agreed more, with many chipping in to say the same.

Talk to me is a terrifying watch. (A24)
Talk to me is a terrifying watch. (A24)

One fan commented “Very dangerous horror!”, whilst another said: “One of my favorite scary movies ever”.

Another even went as far as to say: “Best Australian movie in years.”

The reviews on IMDb, where the film has an average of 7.1/10, call the film ‘a stone cold classic of the horror genre’.

A review said: “It feels fresh, thrilling, absorbing, and has a brilliant concept at its core.

Talk To Me is one of the most refreshing and engaging horror films I've seen in a while, and will be sure to be a treat for any horror fans out there.

The film is horrifying. (A24)
The film is horrifying. (A24)

“One of the best horror films I’ve seen in a while!”

Another said: “Danny and Michael Philippou have truly made something special here and hope it gets the attention it deserves.

“They were able to pull off a great low budget horror film on the budget of $4.5 million Australian dollars that feels at least 20 million”.

The film was such a success, A24 have announced a sequel is in the works, to the pleasure of horror fans worldwide.

The sequel will be brilliantly titled Talk 2 Me, something which scratches a very specific part of my brain. Here’s to more horror from the Philippou brothers and A24.

Talk to Me is available to watch in the UK now on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: A24

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