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Rick and Morty viewers say the show has way too much incest for their liking

Rick and Morty viewers say the show has way too much incest for their liking

Audiences are again asking some serious questions about the seemingly increasing topic of 'keeping it in the family' on the show.

Rick and Morty has been a cult classic cartoon for years, however some viewers are taking issue with the latest season being choc full of one particularly icky topic: incest.

There was a disturbing episode last season where Morty and Summer accidentally make a baby, and, more recently, Beth has sex with her own clone.

Is that incest or just masturbation? We can't decide.

Beth and Beth get freaky.
Adult Swim.

But it was episode five, which aired on October 2, that seems to have pushed some fans over the edge.

If you haven't yet seen it: spoiler alert.

In the episode - entitled 'Final DeSmithation' - the family’s trip to Panda Express turns sour after they open their post-meal fortune cookies.

Jerry’s fortune doesn’t contain a generic platitude, but instead it has a rather unsettling prediction: he will have sex with his own mother.

We won't give a blow-by-blow of the episode, but it seems to have sent fans over the edge when it comes to the show's obsession with a family fondle.

One Twitter user made their feelings clear in all caps: "WHAT IS WITH RICK AND MORTY AND THE INCEST PLOTS?"

Another said: "These Rick and Morty writers need to be investigated. Can't y'all go three weeks without doing another f**king incest plot line."

A third added: "Rick and Morty, I love ya but thats enough incest episodes. You’ve hit your quota for incest episodes, no more please."

Others on social media have piped up to point out that Rick and Morty isn't the show for you if you can't get past what has become a running theme of the cartoon.

One user said: "I'm gonna say it. If incest jokes bother you, maybe Rick and Morty isn't the show for you. Just tap out, throw in the towel. Also, where have you been? That's been a running gag the entire series."

Another added: "People that stop watching Rick and Morty because of the incest are the weakest link."

Rick and Morty co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland reckon the the secret to comedy is to make yourself laugh, telling VICE in 2015 that incest is a topic they both think is hilarious. 

And Harmon’s previous show, Community, famously had an incest episode right at the end of its run. 

So, Harmon's interest in 'keeping it in the family' dates back to well before Rick and Morty was a thing.

If the relative-on-relative references are proving to be too much, you may want to sit the rest of this show out... because they're already working on season eight.

Featured Image Credit: Adult Swim.

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