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Samuel L. Jackson Says He's 'Ready' For Mace Windu To Finally Get A Comeback Story

Samuel L. Jackson Says He's 'Ready' For Mace Windu To Finally Get A Comeback Story

The actor reckons his purple lightsaber-wielding Jedi didn't really die in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

With an abundance of Star Wars spin-off shows getting greenlit through Disney+, Samuel L. Jackson is hoping his iconic character will get a comeback story.

While on the Happy Sad Confused podcastthe 73-year-old said he doesn't think Mace Windu died after being spectacularly thrown out of a window by Darth Sidious in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

"He’s alive somewhere,” Jackson said.

He joked that the Jedi probably lost his arm and was still roaming around in the galaxy, and for our sake, we hope too.

The Pulp Fiction actor recently wrapped up filming the upcoming thriller Argylle with The Mandolarian director Bryce Dallas Howard and he made sure he asked her about the possibility of coming back to the Star Wars franchise.

“There’s a huge history of people with one hand returning in Star Wars… The only person I’ve ever said that to, about coming back, was Bryce Dallas Howard, ’cause I just did a movie with her and she directs episodes of The Mandalorian," he said.

“So, ‘You think you might be able to hook a brother up? You like me, right?’ And she’s like, ‘I love you! You’re amazing!’ So, ‘Put me back in there. Put me in, coach, I’m ready!’ I’ll learn to lightsaber left-handed, come on, hook me up!”

Many fans have taken to Twitter to express their excitement over the possibility of Mace Windu’s resurrection.

One user wrote: “If Samuel L Jackson wants to return to Star Wars, I’m all for it, but I just want them to let him use his favorite word.”


While another user wrote: “If @SamuelLJackson doesn't come back as Mace Windu one last time I will RIOT. All by myself if I have to. 

“We ALL KNOW Mace survived that fall. If Palps can be blown up and come back then Windu could have survived a little tumble lol.”

Jackson reprised his role of Mace Windu when he provided his voice in 2019’s The Rise Of Skywalker, but if granted a spin-off series, it would mark the first time the actor has played the character in a live-action version since 2005.

He wouldn’t be only the character rejoining the Star Wars universe after years of absence, as the highly anticipated Obi-Wan Kenobi series will star Ewan McGregor in the titular role and Hayden Christensen even returning as Darth Vader.

So please, Star Wars creators, let the purple lightsaber rightfully land back in the hands of Windu.

Featured Image Credit: HappySadConfusedPodcast/20th Century Studios/Disney

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