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Chris Jericho Once Got Into A Real Fight With Goldberg And Won

Chris Jericho Once Got Into A Real Fight With Goldberg And Won

The Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla is 46 today.

Chris Jericho has pretty much done it all when it comes to the wrestling business, with an illustrious career spanning a combined 21 years across ECW, WCW and WWE.

Y2J may not have reached the popularity that Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock or Triple H hit back in the '90s, but he will always go down as a true veteran of the game. Not only was The King of the World supremely gifted in the ring, but his skills on the mic were second to none.

Over the years the American-born Canadian has had near enough the same amount of haircuts and beards as he has titles, but arguably what will be his most memorable attribute is how savage he was to other superstars.

Yes, he was the first ever undisputed champion, he won 31 belts during his time on the three most popular wrestling promotions, he won a number of Slammy Awards, and broke an Intercontinental Championship record. But none of that is as entertaining as him taking the piss out of Stephanie McMahon, is it? Who could forget, when standing at the top of the entrance ramp, having verbal back and forths with Steph and Rhyno, and he said: "I'm going to take care of that smelly, greasy, nasty animal... And I'm gonna' get you, too, Rhyno."

Jericho's charisma comes to him as easily as a cup of tea in the morning and a gin and tonic in the evening, but there is another thing that is more admirable.

Apparently, the 'Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla' is a very proud man. He's not one to back down when it comes to anything. This, reportedly led to an altercation with the much bigger Goldberg. This was a scuffle that was nearing 10 years in the making.

Back when Bill was beginning to make waves in WCW, starting his unbelievable unbeaten streak, The Millennium Man was pushing for a match with the master of The Jackhammer. He'd recorded a number of promos with the aim of drawing Goldberg into a match, but he refused, claiming Y2J wasn't big enough.

Eventually, the whole thing passed and Jericho jumped ship to WWE, creating possibly one of the biggest crowd reactions ever. A few years later, though, none other than Goldberg had found himself spearing people in the same company.

Reportedly, during the April 7, 2003 edition of Raw, the former WCW world champion was criticising Chris' in-ring performance in the main event when he teamed with Triple H to take on Booker T and Shawn Michaels.

After the explosive match, which also ended up featuring Ric Flair, Hurricane (?), and Kevin Nash, the eight-time Intercontinental champ returned backstage to be told that Goldberg had been badmouthing him. As he was too proud to back down, he confronted Bill.

What followed was some pushing and shoving, then a front face lock by Jericho. He managed to hold the bigger man in lock, up until wrestlers separated them.

"Goldberg and I got into an argument because we had a lot of problems in WCW because he thought his shit didn't stink, and he basically put his hand on my throat and screamed in my face," Jericho said in an interview on the Bubba The Love Sponge Show. "I'm not a tough guy, but when you put your hand on someone's throat you better be ready to go.

"I took him to the ground and I put him in a front face lock, and my plan was to hold on as long as I could until he got up and killed me, but he never got up, and I just kept squeezing, and I know if you push someone's chin into their chest you can make them pass out, so that's what I was doing."

In recent times, the rock star has diluted this version of events, saying there wasn't so much to it. He's also said that pair reconciled long ago, and are now friends.

They eventually went on to have a few official matches in the ring, but none were as exciting as their backstage brawl. Shame, really.

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