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The Wheel contestant breaks record for winning most amount of money ever on show

The Wheel contestant breaks record for winning most amount of money ever on show

A contestant on Michael McIntyre's The Wheel has won the largest amount ever on the show.

Michael McIntyre's The Wheel has given out a huge lump sum as a contestant broke the record for the most amount of money ever won on the show.

On Saturday's (19 November) episode, host McIntyre was joined by 'celebrity experts' Dermot O'Leary, Nicola Adams, Alexander Armstrong, Denise Van Outen, Olly Smith, Gloria Hunniford and Rhys Stephenson to try and help one lucky contestant win a lot of money.

This week's show contestants were Chris from Ipswich, Danielle from Wakefield and Melfred from London.

While all three contributed to the prize pot, it was Melfred who walked away with a life changing £96,000 - which is the most amount of money The Wheel has ever given away.

But how exactly did he the former doctor-turned-school chef, who is originally from the Philippines, do it?

As the show approached its final stages, Melfred was well and truly in the hot seat.

To make it through to the final money question, he needed to answer a question correctly on fish and classical music.

There was a lot of nerves on the way to winning the money.

The school chef breezed past the fish question with the help of Nicola Adams, and just needed to answer the classical music question correctly.

For this final question, the wheel landed on Gloria Hunniford, who we later find out is the worst performing expert on the wheel.

But the pair got through the question, and Melfred had the chance to win the jackpot. At the final question, Melfred had the choice of three experts to help him with this crucial part of the game.

He could either take the best performing expert Olly Smith for £24,000, the middle player Dermot O'Leary for £48,000, or the worst performing expert Gloria Hunniford for a staggering £96,000.

The all important question posed to Melfred was related to planets: "What is Jupiter’s red spot?".

Melfred was given the multiple choice of crater, moon, sea or storm, and had 30 seconds with Gloria to discuss. But the school chef didn't need that deliberation, as he knew the answer almost instantly.

"Jupiter is a gas planet so it doesn’t have a moon, sea or craters. It’s a storm," he said.

Gloria added: "You sound so knowledgeable, and I am going to chicken out because there is so much money involved."

Melfred got the correct answer and won £96,000.

Of course, Melfred was correct, and he walked away with the life changing amount of money.

Earlier in the show, Melfred was asked what he would do if he walked away with some money, in which he said he would use the money for his daughter's 18th birthday party.

Now that is certainly going to be some bash!

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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