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Two women have gone viral on TikTok after approaching a man to ask him if he'd like to go on a date with them - but not realising that that man is a very famous British actor.

YouTuber Ruby Hexx (@therubyhexx) and her pal Ivy Fox, were filming themselves asking men if they'd rather have $100 or go on a date with the pair of them, but accidentally caught a celeb in the wild in the process.

The craziest part is, neither girl seems to realise that they're talking to the one and only, Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

Would you recognise Thomas if you saw him on the street?

In the video, the two girls run up to the Maze Runner actor on the street with a microphone and ambush him with the question: "Would you rather $100 or a date with us two."

Thomas, 32, turns around to look at the girls and pauses to think about what he's just been asked.

To be fair, this guy was probably expecting them to ask for a selfie or an autograph - not a three-way date.

"Oh, I'm in a relationship, so I'd take the $100, no offence!" he laughed.

As the girls defeatedly walked away, giggling at his reply, he called after them: "But I'm also English so dollars are no use to me. So I'd have neither."

Bargaining with Thomas, one of the girls suggests, '£90?'

"All right, 90 quid then," Thomas agrees.

It's only at this point that one of the girls realises she sort of recognises him.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster is a pretty famous guy.
Rich Gold / Alamy Stock Photo

"Just out of interest, are you an actor," she asks.

"I am an actor," he replies into her mic.

But don't be too relieved. She may have spotted that he's an actor, but she has no clue what he's from.

"Did you do The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe?" she asks, seemingly mixing him up with actor, Skandar Keynes.

Thomas, polite as you like, tells them: "No. I went to the premiere but I wasn't in it."

Unwilling to give another guess, the girls leave Thomas to get on with his day - but once they uploaded the video to TikTok, they were flooded with shocked comments from viewers, who couldn't believe that they didn't recognise *the* Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

"Swear that was the guy from Maze Runner," read one comment.

A little more shook by the Maze Runner run-in, another viewer wrote: "HOWS BRO JUST BUMPING INTO NEWT LIKE IT'S AN EVERYDAY OCCURRENCE."


That's not the only thing that people recognised Thomas from, though.

"Is that the guy who found Bran in Game of Thrones," asked one TikToker, referring to his role Jojen Reed.

"Is that he guy from The Queen's Gambit," wondered another, who recognised Thomas as Benny Watts.

"I'm sure he was in Nanny McPhee," added a third, while a fourth pointed out that he had voiced Ferb in Disney Channel's Phineas and Ferb.

With all those credits to his name, it's a wonder these two didn't recognise Thomas sooner! Though he does look like the type of guy who'd fit in in Narnia, in fairness.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @therubyhexx

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