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What Is The TikTok Ghost Trend?

What Is The TikTok Ghost Trend?

A new trend has popped up on TikTok to help people move on from past relationships and failed friendships.

The new ghost trend on TikTok has users looking back at old relationships and helping them move on.

There have been various ghost trends in recent years on the app including one that saw people dressed up as ghosts with bedsheets for photoshoots. Another light hearted one had people photoshop ghosts into the background of photos as a prank.

The recent ghost trend is much more emotional however.

The trend is accredited to Ukrainian TikToker Daria (@dariavodka). Daria's video says the ghost trend is for people no longer in her life and adds "people come and go".

The 18-year-old shares a series of photos with friends, but draws ghost-like cartoons over the other people in the images.

With Frank Ocean's White Ferrari as the trend's sound, it's no surprise people have responded to the moving videos.

One person commented on Daria's clip: "This trend kills me I miss everyone, man." Another added: "If I did this trend I'd be in tears."

Other users have taken on the trend whether it's school friendships that faded once college began or toxic relationships that fell apart.

Amber (@amberann99) posted her edited photos and said "life was different then". She added in the comments: "They are the best kind of people."

A TikTok by @fablesinfocus said the trend was "sad but nostalgic". Laura (@futuremilfinlaw) said in her video: "I still cry that I've lost these people but I wish them all the best."

Dala (@whosdala) captioned her ghost trend TikTok with: "Thank you for all the memories but I'm ready to move on."

People on Twitter chipped in as well with one user saying: "Seeing the “ghost trend” on TikTok and seeing a picture of me knowing the person who made the video did me dirty af is insane."

Another said: "The ghost trend made me realise how much i have lost and I'm still crying and I cant help it."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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