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What is the TikTok 'Honey Spell' and is it dangerous?

What is the TikTok 'Honey Spell' and is it dangerous?

A new manifestation spell using honey is taking over TikTok with users convinced it can make people fall in love with them.

A new spell has taken over TikTok with user putting honey on their tongue to make crushes fall in love with them.

The 'Honey Spell' is trending on the app with #honeyspell gaining over 16m views. The easy to follow spell has gained popularity, but there is one catch.

TikToker Valeria (@valeriafune) explains the love spell one of her videos. She says: "If you want someone to be obsessed with you - keep watching."

Valeria goes on to say the honey spell - or honey method - can only be done by hispanic or latino people. "But if you want to do it and you're not hispanic or latino, make sure to be protects and to not be surprised if you get karma or a backfire."

She adds there are different ways to carry out the spell, but shows her viewers the most common method.

The first step is to grab honey while thinking about the target person and saying affirmations such as "they are always texting me" or "they are always calling me".

People then need to place honey on their fingers and use it to draw a cross on their tongue. "One thing I would suggest is to stay really positive," Valeria advises. "Don't have any doubts or any negativity and make sure to do it with good intentions."

And that's all there is to it.

Viewers responded to the videoing by commenting that it is a "good day to be hispanic". Another said: "okay what's the one for whit people though?"

Other hispanic creators have shared the spell and similarly warned the danger of people without 'latin blood' taking part.

TikToker Jenny (@jenny.mcjenjen) adds in a video that the spell is brujeria, a specific type of witchcraft within Latin American and Afro-Caribbean cultures. She adds people who are not hispanic 'literally cannot do it' as they will get in 'trouble'.

Various TikTok users have added the practice should not become a trend due to the danger of it backfiring and warned non-hispanic people it can also be viewed as cultural appropriation.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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