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Woman says there's two signs to look out for in men that show they are 'always down to cheat'

Woman says there's two signs to look out for in men that show they are 'always down to cheat'

She has highlighted the two red flags to look out for in a guy

A woman has taken to TikTok to warn women of two potential signs that could mean that their man could be ready to cheat.

Cheating might just be the worst thing you could do in a relationship, betraying the other person's trust and wasting their time.

The worst time to be exposed for that might just be on your wedding day though:

Fiona, better known on TikTok as @baddgal_fifi, has posted a video that has revealed the two things that show that a man could be a serial cheater.

With over 182k followers on the social media app, she has previously gone viral with the video 'The one thing I started doing that made me more attractive', which has over five million views.

Her account predominantly features videos that gives tips to women about self-care and confidence, also including general life update videos and make-up videos.

But this video has accrued over 382k views so far, and has began doing the rounds online.

According to Fiona, there are two tell-tale signs that a man is ready to cheat.

Los Angeles-based Fiona begins the video by saying that guys that have 'cheater energy' or are 'DTC (down to cheat), are known to do one of two things from her experience and this has 'never failed her'.

She explains: "They either have an Instagram account and follow tons of girls they don't know, especially fitness girls,

"If I see that he follows a bunch of fitness girls I'm like, 'DTC'."

The next point is also to do with Instagram, which she says is the opposite but equally as bad to do.

"He has an Instagram account and he follows every girl he's ever met, the woman who serves him at the taco truck - he's following her - normal gals but tons."

Fiona concludes: "If they've spoken, if they've crossed paths, he's got her IG. It's giving DTC straight up."

However, in a separate video, she also reveals that guys with no social media can be equally dangerous, as they can pass off flirting in real life as being 'charming'.

She also warns women to be aware of guys with a lot of female friends as 'some of the lines are blurred'.

Viewers overwhelmingly agreed with her red flags in the comments, as one user commented: "The following every girl he crosses paths with is so real."

Another revealed: "This described my ex. Another one is if their friends are doing shady things and they’re okay with it."

While a third said: "This was my ex, followed every single girl on the planet, yes he was dtc and did."

And a fourth added: "YEP my ex and at first I just thought wow he has so many female friends."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@baddgal_fifi

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