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Top Gear car builder insisted Jeremy Clarkson 'would do anything for attention' on show

Top Gear car builder insisted Jeremy Clarkson 'would do anything for attention' on show

A car builder who worked on Top Gear claimed that Jeremy Clarkson and his fellow presenters 'just want eyeballs'

A car builder who worked on Top Gear has claimed that Jeremy Clarkson 'would do anything for attention' while on the show.

John Hennessey appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience and ended up talking a lot about his time as a car builder for Top Gear.

They had a bit of a chat about the show itself and Hennessey joked that he might be able to get Rogan a chance to drive around the test track if he was ever over in England.

However, the conversation soon ended up touching on some of the more controversial aspects of Top Gear, including the 'fracas' which brought an end to Clarkson, Hammond and May's time on Top Gear after Clarkson punched producer Oisin Tymon in 2015.

It resulted in the host being dropped from the show by the BBC, shortly afterwards he and his fellow presenters headed over to Amazon to set up The Grand Tour.

Car builder John Hennessey lifted the lid on his work with Top Gear.

Rogan then complained that 'Top Gear did Tesla dirty', with Hennessey agreeing that the show 'did all kinds of crooked s**t'.

The two briefly spoke about Tesla's lawsuit against the BBC before the car builder claimed that the show did plenty of things to drive up controversy and bring in more viewers.

He said: "They just want eyeballs, so the more controversial you know.

"One time with Jeremy was driving this truck and they were like 'what would happen if we ran into a brick wall?'."

"You're gonna go to the hospital and get broken ribs and whatever else shooting a video, this guy. They'll do anything."

Top Gear fans might remember this moment from their lorry driver's challenge where each presenter had to drive through an object, with Clarkson's revealed to be a brick wall.

Rogan watched the clip and asked Hennessey why Clarkson did that, and was told 'for attention, dude'.

Hennessey described the moment Jeremy Clarkson drove through a brick wall in a lorry.

Hennessey also called the Top Gear team 'the masters of jumping the shark season after season after season' as they watched the clip of Clarkson driving through a brick wall.

LADbible has contacted Clarkson's reps for comment.

He then mentioned the more recent incidents that the new Top Gear presenters have experienced, talking about a crash suffered by someone he thought was called 'Pat O'Rourke'.

Presumably he means Freddie Flintoff, who was airlifted to hospital after a crash at the Dunsfold Aerodrome in December.

The cricketing legend's son said he was 'lucky to be alive' after the crash and production on the series was suspended to allow him time to recover.

A statement from the BBC said that it would be 'inappropriate' to continue filming after the incident.

Internal investigations into what happened are ongoing and production is yet to resume as Flintoff continues his recovery.

Featured Image Credit: PowerfulJRE/YouTube/BBC

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