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Arnold Schwarzenegger Still Up For A Twins Sequel Called Triplets

Arnold Schwarzenegger Still Up For A Twins Sequel Called Triplets

Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed that he's keen to do a sequel to his film Twins, but not called anything obvious like Twins 2 - he'd call it Triplets.

The name itself would suggest that there's another person he has in mind to join him and his unlikely twin, Danny DeVito in the potential sequel - and that person is Eddie Murphy.

Speaking to LADbible, Arnie said: "For a long time I've dreamed about doing a sequel to Twins called Triplets with Eddie Murphy and Danny DeVito - Eddie Murphy being the third triplet that comes into it.


"But people will say wait a minute how did that happen, two white guys, one black guy, what happened with the sperm, how many people participated in this whole thing? But that's funny."

Twins was released in 1988 - a proper Arnie classic, the feel-good comedy saw two brothers reconnected after they were separated as birth.

But it wasn't just the fact that it was a hit with fans that makes it an attractive opportunity for a sequel, the Ivan Reitmen directed movie made Universal a ridiculous $216 million worldwide.

It's not the first time the idea has come up - Arnie and DeVito have both spoken about it intermittently over the years, and so the fact that it's still on Schwarzenegger's mind can only mean that hopefully the concept isn't going anywhere. All they need to do now is get Eddie Murphy on board and they have a sure-fire winner on their hands.

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Arnie is out and about promoting the latest Terminator film, Dark Fate, which came out on 23 October - but he thinks there's loads of scope for more of the franchise, as well as for some of his other movies.

"I just think that Terminator lends itself for another sequel. Even though in every one of the movies I die. Somehow the writers figure out how to bring me back," he joked.

"And I think the Conan the Barbarian, there might be another sequel to that - King Conan or something like that would be really fantastic.


"But there are so many others, I've thought about doing a sequel to The Running Man, a sequel to Predator, there's a lot of talk about many different sequels out there."

So there we have it, looks like we're far from seeing the last of him, and even Terminator - insert famous Arnie quote here.

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