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​Fans Think The Simpsons Predicted Tom Hanks Hosting Biden's Inauguration Special

​Fans Think The Simpsons Predicted Tom Hanks Hosting Biden's Inauguration Special

Hanks makes a cameo appearance in The Simpsons Movie during an advertisement for a new Grand Canyon

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Cartoon fans reckon The Simpsons Movie 'predicted' Tom Hanks' involvement in Joe Biden's inauguration celebrations, flagging a scene where he makes a televised message to the United States during a time of widespread chaos - which is, um, kind of what he did at the virtual concert yesterday.

In the film, which was released back in 2007, Hanks makes a cameo appearance in an advertisement for a new Grand Canyon - which is essentially set to be the hole where a blown-up Springfield once lay, leaving the Simpsons family in understandable distress.

In the clip, a jolly Hanks says: "Hello, I'm Tom Hanks! The US government has lost its credibility, so it's borrowing some of mine."

He then goes on to explain where the 'new Grand Canyon' will be, adding: "If you're going to pick a government to trust, why not pick this one?"

Sharing a screenshot from the film and another from an article titled 'Tom Hanks Will Soothe the Nation With Biden Inauguration Special', someone tweeted: "HOW DO THE SIMPSONS ALWAYS PREDICT THIS S***?"


Someone else wrote: "There's an actual TV special tonight regarding the inauguration with Tom Hanks. The Simpsons don't miss."

Yesterday, however, Hanks wasn't advertising a new Grand Canyon for the United States government - he was actually hosting Joe Biden's virtual inauguration concert.

Standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial, Hanks said: "In the last few weeks, and the last few years, we've witnessed deep divisions and a troubling rancour in our land.

"But tonight we ponder the United States of America, the practice of our democracy, the foundations of our republic, the integrity of our Constitution, the hopes and dreams we all share for a more perfect union."


Another uncanny coincidence linking The Simpsons with yesterday's proceedings relates to Kamala Harris, who became the States' first female Vice President, and first African American and first Asian American vice president.

Being a fairly relentless bunch, the 'Simpsons Predicts' crowd joked that cartoon's writers predicted Kamala Harris would become the Vice President.

In the episode 'Bart To The Future', which aired in 2000, we see Lisa become the first female President of the United States - wearing a purple jacket, a necklace and earrings, much like Harris' get-up.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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