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​Nudist Nearly Accidentally Flashes Genitals On This Morning

​Nudist Nearly Accidentally Flashes Genitals On This Morning

The folks at This Morning had a close call when presenter Josie Gibson popped down to visit a nudist group

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Anything goes with some TV shows these days (need we remind you of the erect penis broadcast live on air for the first time ever recently!?), but generally the pre-watershed stuff remains pretty tame.

However, the folk at This Morning had a bit of a mare today (7 September) when presenter Josie Gibson popped down to visit a nudist group in Liverpool for her daily segment, promoting a competition where people could win a car.


As the episode went on, Gibson clearly found herself getting into the spirit of things, and ended up joining her new pals by stripping down to her birthday suit - using a set of cue cards to cover her modesty.

The others around her also used carefully-placed props to keep their bits concealed for the daytime show, including newspapers and windbreakers.


But at one point, as the camera began to move around the group, the meticulously-angled items began to lose their effectiveness as certain body parts came closer into shot - with one gentlemen stood behind a car door perilously close to revealing all.

Thankfully, some quick-thinking person behind-the-scenes managed to cut the segment before things got too dicey, and the show returned to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield in the studio.

Schofield said: "That was close! That was close! We were right on the ragged edge there."

Grinning in shock, Willoughby added: "That really was!"

She then introduced Alison Hammond's cooking segment, quipping: "What a perfect way to follow that than with a cheeky kebab!"


And those back in the studio weren't the only ones to notice the nudist's close call, with many viewers taking to Twitter in disbelief.

One wrote: "Literally sat crying with laughter at @Josiestweet at the nudist resort in Liverpool. Blates just saw that old man's b*** e** live on TV."

Another said: "OMG did anyone watch @Josiestweet reporting live from a nudist colony on @thismorning? One of the blokes stood behind a car they were advertising literally had his knackers completely out accidentally. @hollywills & @Schofe were hanging off their chairs."

A third added: "Omg just looking at @Schofe & @hollywills faces on @thismorning with the nudist man behind the car door showing a bit more than he should..."

While some suggested the person operating the camera may need to brush up on their technique, others sympathised with the task at hand, noting the sheer 'stress levels' that it must have involved.

I mean, they've got a very good point.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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