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Squid Game VIP Actors Respond To Criticism Of Their Work On The Show

Tom Wood


Squid Game VIP Actors Respond To Criticism Of Their Work On The Show

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

As you'll have probably noticed over the past few weeks, Squid Game has been a runaway success.

It's been so successful that it's become the biggest show on Netflix, and has won rave reviews from audiences and critics alike.

However, not everything has been so well-received.

In fact, the actors who played the VIP characters have been roundly criticised, with an article recently being published that was entitled 'Why Is Squid Game's English Language Acting So Bad?'

Just as an aside, the VIP characters are four shady mask-wearing billionaires who enjoy watching people take on the deadly kids games for fun.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Anyway, in a new article with The Guardian, some of the actors playing the VIPs have responded to the criticism in their own ways.

VIP four - an American called Geoffrey Giuliano - doesn't seem to care all that much.

He said: "I ain't complaining, baby!

"I'm in the hottest show in the world.

"I got fanmail. Just today I got a woman who said: 'Send me your autograph.'

"So I did, and two hours later she sent me a photo where she had 'Geoffrey Giuliano, VIP four,' tattooed right across her forearm.

"There have also been some sexual invitations, from males and females."

Good for him, perhaps?

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Daniel C Kennedy, who plays VIP two - had a less brash response, stating: "I suffer from extreme clinical depression, so it's been a bit of a challenge,

"Initially, I was gutted by the comments but, with time and distance and some honest self-reflection, I've been better able to filter the feedback into the stuff I can use to improve next time, versus the stuff that is bound to come when you're part of a project that gets global recognition."

John D Michaels - better known as VIP one - explained: "It's different for every show, but non-Korean performers often act with dialogue that is translated by a non-native - sometimes even by Google Translate - so it can sound unnatural."

He added: "And often we don't have the scripts for the rest of the show.

"We are only given our scenes, so we have no idea of the tone."

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Kennedy went on to say how they weren't actually given access to any context for the scenes, and invented their own backstories as 'dirtbag millionaires' and 'total idiots'.

He said: "We were all wearing very heavy plaster masks, and sitting on couches that were at least 20-30ft away from the closest VIP.

"We all had to yell our lines vaguely into the air, which added to the weird tonality of the delivery."

Still the success of the show can't be underestimated, and these actors were undoubtedly a part of that success.

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Tom Wood
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